What is your favorite anime movie?

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      I am not the biggest anime fan but I do enjoy it and I find that I prefer movies to the series.

      I am just asking folks what their favorite movie is to get some ideas of some good ones to try out.

      Here are a few of my favorites:

      – Vampire Hunter D

      – Akira

      – Space Pirate Captain Harlock

      – Howl’s Moving Castle

      – Ghost in the Shell


      ‘Spirited Away’ was always my favourite Studio Ghibli film (as for ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, I highly recommend the book by Diana Wynne Jones as it differs slightly from the anime but they’re both just as enjoyable) although ‘Princess Mononokey’ follows at a very close second. My favourite Pokemon film has always been ‘Pokemon 2000’. Some other anime films I like are ‘Cowboy Bebop: The Movie’ and ‘Belle’ which had a really good soundtrack.

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        Honestly, What is your favorite is too limiting. I don’t have one, or 5, or 10 favorites. More like 100.

        I can however suggest Perfect Blue. It is among one of my “favorites”.


        I haven’t watched many anime movies, but my favorites are:

        Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

        My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

        Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias

        Haven’t watched Jujutsu Kaisen 0 or MHA: World Heroes’ Mission, nor the Cowboy Bebop movie, so I can’t judge them just yet.

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