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    I got a lot of favorite Anime I do mean a lot of favorite Anime. So if you ask me about if any anime that you can think of is my favorite anime. I’ll check if that particular anime is one of my favorites

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    Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Monster


    Mine is cowboy bebop. Just because it’s great and it helps that there is a lot of nostalgia that comes with it.


      My fave anime is Digimon, in fact, that’s Digimon in my profile pic, Gatomon


      Fullmetal Alchemist

      I like both 2003 and Brotherhood, but I much prefer Brotherhood.


      My favorite anime is Black Clover.

      The show starts out slow and annoying at first, but it gets better and better as the series progresses. A highly recommended anime in my book.


        That would be Fist of the North Star aka Hokuto no Ken.


        I enjoy Dragon Ball, One Punch Man, Death Note and My Hero Academia the most.


        I have a lot of anime series that I like, but the one that I always think fondly off and enjoy just having on in the background is Kimagure Orange Road.


        My favorite anime is Digimon.


        Yes, you’re the Mon. Digimon, Digital Monsters, Digimon are the Champions.


        I seem to have a problem with anime. I tried getting into Dragon Ball, but it wasn’t really me. I do really want to try to get into it, but just seem to can’t. Any advice?


        Ghost in the Shell,

        Full Metal Alchemist is a close second


        Check out some of the bigger fights on YouTube first such as “Gohan vs. Cell” or “Goku vs. Frieza.” If you enjoy what you see keep watching more of it. That’s how I became a fan.

      Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 86 total)
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