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      You can get all of Trigun volumes from Dark Horse. https://www.darkhorse.com/Search/Browse/%22trigun%22/PpwNwkt8

      I see you got Maximum volume 1. You gonna need Trigun vol 1 and 2 first and then read on to Trigun Maximum series.


        I haven’t been into anime in years, but back when I was, I really loved Cowboy Bebop. I think everything about it is cool and timeless, and it’s one of the most accessible anime shows out there for newbies. I think even people who don’t like anime can enjoy Cowboy Bebop. It’s a shame Netflix is probably going to tarnish its legacy with their NEW version

        Rurouni Kenshin is pretty cool too. You kind of have to be impressed at how it has crossed mediums successfully from manga, to anime, to live action movies. That character and his story translates well to any medium. I wish someone could make an awesome Rurouni Kenshin video game.

        These days I don’t really watch much anime other than Dragon Ball Super, just because I love Vegeta. It’s pretty cool what’s happening with him right now in the manga too. I wish we could see him get a win over a main villain just one time though


        Yeah, I tried making a post in the youtube area that had a pic in it, and it didn’t go through either.  So it’s either something that we’re not allowed in most areas, or it’s something that we’re doing wrong.


        Claymore!  Now there was a good show.


        You beat me to it Bear.  I’m waiting for the next season to come out too.


        Captain Harlock.



        Hellsing Ultimate was really good.  I definitely liked it more than the original.

        The first time I saw it, I was flipping channels.  I came across this really heavy fight between a bunch of heavy SS vampires.  I was like…. WTF?

        And they’re getting attacked by these crazy church types singing.  I’m like… W..the living…F???    LOL it’s DEFINITELY NOT a show to come in on in the middle of it.

        I’m not entirely sure, but I think they had an episode or a miniseries or something like that about the Werewolf character.


        Awesome. Attack on Titan is one of my favorite. But as for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, well plan on watching it.


        I am torn between Full Metal Alchemist brotherhood, Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, Attack on titan or Akira.


        Cobra Space Adventure (the original serie)


          <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hell yeah. Rurouni kenshin is one of my all time favorite anime/manga. I’m currently reading the newest arc, the hokkaido arc. So far it’s great. Shame the anime series never got to cover the jinchuu arc.</p>


          Awesome thanks very much for the link. I will have to start with vol 1 of the original and go from there into Maximum.


          There’s a lot of variety in anime genre from RPGs/D&D like to magical girl to harems to Sci-Fi.  Dragonball Z and Naruto aren’t the only ones out there.  So it’s better if you described your other movie/tv shows you like.  there was another long post which broke down recommendations based on what you like.


          Naruto(+Shippuuden). Ergo Proxy. Psycho-Pass. Samurai Champloo. Hellsing Ultimate. Fruits Basket. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


            yeah. vol 1 and 2. they’re thick volumes.

            here’s link to them:




            Then continue to maximum. Now DH has been releasing omnibus editions so i dunno which ver you started with nor I know If DH has package the first two volumes into Maximum. I collected the standard edition when they first came out. 14 volumes of the standard edition.

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