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    My fav anime has got to be Sword Art Online


    Berserk 97 is a work of art.


    Man that’s a hard one. I got so many. Well obvious you know Darling In The FranXX  is up there. My avatar of Zero Two and my name shows that. XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sLaYGjGIDo&t=19s

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    Anime series faves.

    1.)Digimon tamers (2003)

    2.) Bleach (2004-)

    3.) Yu-Gi-oh 5Ds duel monsters (2008-2011)  recommendation watch raw and subs . Dubs are trash

    4.) Code geass Tv series

    5.) Legend of Mushrambo\Shinzo (2000s)

    6.) Kimi no iru machi

    7.) Mobile suite new report Gundam wing

    8.) Gundam iron blooded orphans

    9.)Gundam seed and gundam seed destiny.

    10.) Bokutachi wa benkyou ga dekinai

    11.) Rakudai kishi no cavalry.




    Why I love GinTama:

    They drop this right in middle of a “serious” arc and an entire episode is dedicated to a showdown on the toilet. god i can’t even


    Also, I’m not really into shipping, but these two are practically semi-canon:

    Tsukuyo is best girl.


    I have lots of favorite animes I like, but the top of my list is Tenchi Muyo.


      Gintama was already on my anime watch list, now i’m not gonna stop searching untill i find somewhere to stream it 🤣🚽🤣🧻

      I’m assuming one full episode dedicated to toilet showdown = one full manga chapter dedicated to toilet showdown?

      I’m going to the comic shop next week, i need info 🚽


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTOZtXZVnzI this is why i love these 3




        Digimon :D I started with Digimon Frontier, the dub isn’t that bad, but i much prefer the music in the original version

        And yes, when i was a kid i wanted to digi-evolve :3


        It’s actually almost two full manga chapters, given the length of a Weekly Jump chapter is roughly twenty pages and that corresponds to about a full episode.

        I should warn you Gintama is a long-running series with several seasons. Most of the episodes are stand-alone, so it feels more like a weekly sit-com. I’d recommend rationing it on the side than binge-watching: Each episode stands strong on its own merits, and you can better appreciate the larger story when a proper arc comes along. It’s not just rip-roaringly hilarious, but the story arcs are also some of the best written in a manga/anime. It’s peak shounen (half the time it feels more like seinen).


          🤩🤩 2 full chapters of toilet 🤩🤩

          Thanks, can’t wait to start watching, and reading 😁

          I saw how many manga volumes there were last time i went to the comic shop, looks like i’m gonna be entertained for a very long time 😄


          Neon Genesis Evangelion


          Code Geass and Attack on Titan are on the top for me.

          After that, probably My Hero Academia, Jojos, Gundam franchise and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. In no specific order, they are all on the #2 spot after the first two I mentioned.

        Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 86 total)
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