What is your favorite SW ship?

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    I smell heresy


    Rian just had to have his WW2 in SW fantasy Ugh…


    Ship/Starfighter: T65B X-Wing(all-time favorite fictional vehicle), TIE Interceptor, T47 Airspeeder(snow), TIE Advanced X-1.

    As for other ships like freighters, cruisers, capitol ships, etc. I like them well enough I suppose. It’s hard to not like Imperial Star Destroyers, Venators, CR-90’s, etc. but I just don’t feel any particular love for them I guess.


    Mines the fury class interceptor from the swtor mmo game



    d562d662b426a360c76d23a208c5f990what else?!


    Lmao Now that’s pretty cool!


    OH…  ship. As in spaceship. I thought you meant “ship.”


    I think Sheev had something goin’ on with Sly.



    In the films, the Republic Gunship. Outside of the films, the YT-2400.


    The SunCrusher, while I’m not a fan of the design I like the lore behind it




    576198BD-A58F-4EE4-B5D6-3D7573FF3A69This. I feel like Finntico gets too much hate because of their skincolors, but imho it was obvious that Rey was not going to end up with Finn, and the feeling became even stronger when they started hinting at the Reylo ship. Also, I feel like Rey and Finn woudn’t make a good couple as they don’t have many traits in common and Finn was just her hype man basically. Rose and Finn are such a perfect couple imo and I get mad and frustrated when people hate on them. Finntico forever. Periodt. Peace ✌️✌🏿


    I’ll give it to Last Jedi that it wasn’t missing the element of surprise, i wasn’t expecting to ever see a Star Wars love triangle 😂 Rose is sweet, unfortunate that they didn’t write her character better, but i’m team Finn+Rey 🥰



    You can actually buy it on Etsy, from a shop called KeyTagsRUSdotcom. They do other pop culture keyrings as well


    To be fair, what gave the Original Trilogy its authentic, lived in feel is that weaponry, technology, and tactics were modelled after real-world equivalents. The problem with the bombers in TLJ is that they make absolutely no lick of sense even within that context.

    Dropping bombs from high altitudes was primarily only effective and used against stationary land targets, because the whole point was to allow the bombers to drop their payload from a safe distance. Sending them up close like in TLJ completely defeats the purpose.

    The moment you need higher precision against moving targets, it’s dive bombers and torpedo bombers that shine, and SW already has equivalent to those in the form of Y-Wings and B-Wings.


    The classic X-Wing. The TIE Defender comes at a close second.


    That’s it! TLJ bombers were massive ripoffs of the B-Wing!!!!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 36 total)
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