What Makes You Relate To A Movie/TV/Anime Character

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      Here’s some of the characters i can relate to the most, hmm… how many women are on this list??

      • Thor (Marvel)
      • Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars)
      • Levi (Attack On Titan)
      • Eren (Attack On Titan)
      • Koji (Digimon Frontier)
      • Gamora (Marvel)
      • Lelouch (Code Geass)
      • Inosuke (Demon Slayer)
      • Rengoku (Demon Slayer)
      • Sasha (Attack On Titan)

      Also curious, which characters can you relate to most and why?


      Good topic! I’m a woman yet there are LOADS of male characters that I like and admire out there, whether they are black or white. Same with female characters even though there’s more male characters I like and admire than female characters. Probably because I’ve never been a “girly girl” and I didn’t get into the “girly stuff” in entertainment until many years later.

      From the top of my head, I can only think of two to your question; Steve Rogers (Captain America)…and Anakin Skywalker. And yes I’m a WOMAN that can identify with two MALE characters and proud of it!


      I admire Trevor Belmont from Castevania season 4 most now as my fav anime character…….

      How many people can kick the s*&t out of the literal embodiment of Death and make Death scream like a little b$&ch. Seriously…Death can’t move out of the way from a little man with a tiny sword aimed at his head?

      Who wouldn’t want to relate to Trevor Belmont after this scene? He made Death scream and he…killed Death…..no one else can say they murdered Death….except for maybe Homer Simpson from the Tree House of Horror special.


        It is human nature to want to be in company of or more easily relate to people that are similar to you. Whether that is race, religion, sex preference, likes, dislikes, hobbies etc etc..

        There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and that IS NOT racism. But is it bias? Of course it is, EVERYONE has bias. But bias IS NOT racism.

        “blue birds want to be with blue birds and red birds wanna be with red birds” –Mohamed Ali


        Off the top of my head:

        1. Conan the Barbarian
        -His Love-Hate relationship with Crom mirrors my relationship with my God. In fact, it’s the most underrated thing about Conan; he believes in a god but it’s not something that’s all praise (if any).

        2. Brock/Takeshi (Pokemon)
        -He’s not relatable anymore but he was the guy I most identified with in the anime because he had the most realistic reactions for a straight guy living in his universe.

        3. K’ (The King of Fighters)
        -Very similar to me as a teen (at home) except I actually like sweets.

        4. Jamie (Megas XLR)
        -Another fictional character that was similar to me as a teen (when I’m with friends). A dick but not actually a bad person as it’s revealed in the last two episodes.

        5. Doug (from the cartoon of the same name)
        -Not relatable anymore but as a kid, I identified with him so much that he was pretty much the fictional me. We had the same social awkwardness, the overactive imagination, the single love-interest obsessed over, and everything.

        That’s it. I don’t care about fictional characters being relatable or not anymore.

      Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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