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    Got around to finally picking up and reading volume 11 of Black Lagoon – It’s been five years since the last one came out and I kinda forgot why I loved this series – Think I might have to bump it back into my top five favorite manga.


    The Wired Red Wild Card arc quickly ends here – Might’ve gone on a bit longer if it wasn’t for the long hiatus but just as well (rather not have long arcs if we’re going to have wait years for a single graphic novel). Overall I’d say while it was far from Rei Hiroe’s best, it still had the tone of an action crime thriller and the panache that the series is known for. Only hope Rei puts out content more consistently from now on like he used to.


      Fullmetal  ^﹏^


      Also reading

      My Roommate Is A Cat – ’cause i love cats 😸


      Bougyaku No Kokekko – horror/splatter about psycho chickens 🐔


        I just started re-reading & picking back up on The Girl From the Other Side. It’s such a unique story and definitely tugs at the heartstrings a bit.




          Reasons why i bought this manga:

          Screenshot 2020-11-19 215541 IMG_0152

          This devil-chainsaw-dog is so fucking adorable 💖💖💖💖

          Manga’s Chainsaw Man, just read the first chapter, and now i have 2 reasons to stick with this, a super cute devil dog 😍, and a good story that keeps me wanting to find out what happens next 👍

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            Didn’t think i’d be able to find the manga just 2 days after finishing the anime, guess this is my reward for surviving 2020 😂


            <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’m still reading Records of Ragnarok which I manage to catch up on it and oh boy it’s my most favorite manga of all time as well as Inazuman although I finished the Volume of it.</p>
            I just red 4 volumes of Kingdom and it’s way better than it’s Anime Adaptation since the Anime Adaptation was tamed although I love the Anime Adaptation.

            Might think about on reading Kengan Ashura, Kengan Omega, Chainsaw Man, Fire Punch, Devilman, Re;Monster, and other Manga that I might be interested in.





              Finally found Demon Slayer vol. 1 😈


              Last copy in the book store, found it buried at the back of the shelf 😁


              At this moment of time, Dragon Ball Super and One-Punch Man. I’m just waiting for their latest chapters to get released.


              I’ve been reading the latest volumes of My Hero Academia, as well as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 7: Steel Ball Run.


                Started a bunch of new manga since i was last here 😁


                1) Nyankees –  Cat on cover = i buy 🤩😻💸 Manga about what stray cats would look like if they were human, cute, funny, and r-rated 😸 (if you have kittens, do not show them this manga)

                2) Real Account – Been looking for this one for a while, and finally found vol. 1 🥳 Heard about it watching Dannphan’s review. Manga’s about being stuck inside social media, and if you reach 0 followers you die 😁 Dannphan – Real Account review

                3) Zombie 100 (or Zom 100) – New manga just came out recently about a human who’s very happy that there’s a zombie apocalypse ’cause now he doesn’t have to go to work for his narcissistic boss anymore and is free to do whatever he wants 🥳 I’d have the same exact reaction to a zombie apocalypse 🤩 There’s something wrong with me 🧠 -> 🔥 -> 🍳 -> 🍟

                4) Dr. Slump – Initially i only wanted vol. 1 for nostalgia ’cause i watched the anime as a kid, but it’s so freaking hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 Definitely gonna collect the rest of it

                Other manga that i’m reading:

                Fullmetal Alchemist vol. 12

                My Roommate Is A Cat vol. 4

                Demon Slayer vol. 2

                And manga that i still need to get:

                Chainsaw Man vol. 4

                Code Geass vol. 2

                I’ve never read so much in my life 🤯


                Dimension W


                Volume 13 of Shomin Sample then read where I left off in To Love Ru.


                  Finally found Noragami vol. 1 😸



                  I have a Viz Media account which I use to read My Hero Academia, MHA: Vigilantes, Kaiju No 8, Demon Slayer (finished reading), and recently a new series called The Hunters Guild: Red Hood.

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