What manga are you reading/ just read?


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      Some new manga i started :3


      • The Promised Neverland – binged season 1 of the anime in 2 days!! Freaking incredible show
      • One Piece – my sister has the omnibus vol. 1, started reading it at her place
      • Star Wars Rebels – ’cause Star Wars + manga 🤩🤩🤩
      • and the start of my dog manga collection – Hoshi Mamoru Inu 🐶
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      Finally have all 30 volumes of My Hero Academia that are available right now (Vol. 31 is coming to the States next month).


        @KBGMan01, wow! Nice MHA collection :)


        My new addition, Sword Art Onilne light novel vol. 1, been looking for this for over a year!



        Just finished reading Chainsaw Man. Can’t wait for more chapters this month!


          I just finished reading Chainsaw Man too! That last chapter was a sweet one :)


          Currently picking up where I left off in JoJolion. Hopefully I’ll be able to complete it before the new JoJo game comes out.

          Also read the first chapter of Chainsaw Man Part 2. Can’t wait to see where the story goes.


          This topic is right up my alley.


          I also started:


          Show-ha Shoten






          And plan to start:


          Tegami Bachi

          (and random one-shots)


          Got these for my birthday:



          Reading weekly chapters of MHA, Chainsaw Man Part 2, Spy x Family, and Hunter x Hunter.

          Also catching up on Jujutsu Kaisen (currently on the Shibuya Incident Arc).


          I have read through alot of modern manga/manwha recently after taking a break from manga for over a decade. Back in the day my favorite manga were Berserk, Vagabond, Kingdom and Vinland Saga.

          Let me preface this by saying that women fighters is a trope I despise so I will try to list some recent manga’s I’ve read that doesn’t use this tired trope – or at least use it sparingly.

          Here are some of my recommendations for modern manga:


          1. Return of Mount Hua Sect: This is an Isekai manga where the main character dies fighting the Demon King and is reborn as a young boy. The animation, story, characters and world building are top notch. Must read and you will be instantly hooked.

          2. Barbarian Quest: This manga gives me Conan vibes where a barbarian comes to the civilized world and starts a mercenary band. Also gives me Spartacus vibes and a little bit of Berserk. Definitely worth checking out.

          3. Solo Leveling: Well known manga that has the standard dungeon break trope seen in alot of modern manga. Still the art, story and main character drew me in and never let go. Another advantage is this is a completed manga so you can read it from start to finish.

          Does anyone else have any manga recommendations that don’t heavily feature women fighters?

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          I’m reading monthly JoJo’s Bizarre Asventure Part 8: The JoJolands. One of my favorite franchises

        Viewing 11 posts - 31 through 41 (of 41 total)
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