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    Is there a movie out there that you’d actually want to see remade/rebooted? Either to get a better story out of the source material, or to see it with todays filmmaking styles?

    For the sake of argument, this is in an alternate universe where the film would actually stay true to the original/source material, and wouldn’t be full of political garbage.

    I’ll start:

    1) John Carter (A Princess of Mars)

    2) Eragon


      Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child.
      It’s got a very interesting premise but no effort or thought went into implementing it and, by that time, Freddy had went to far toward being a Looney Toon.

      Remake it with the tone of Part 3 (light comedy that doesn’t overshadow the horror) and actually make the plot make sense and it could be awesome.


      Well… I have this idea for a new ZARDOZ TRILOGY…

      (not kidding)


      Oops, wrong button pressed.


      I would have to say I would have them remake:


      Make it a proper TRILOGY, like The Lord of The Rings by Peter Jackson.

      It is worthy of a big-budget live-action treatment.


      While I did enjoy John Carter as a whole, I would have rather they did one book per movie.

      So yay, I can agree with your #1.


      Highlander. Immortals fighting in the streets of New York, for there can be only one. Classic.

      The Terminator. And I’m talking a full-on remake. None of this reboot stuff, just a remake. No Arnie, no Linda Hamilton, no Eddie Furlong. Have it happen in the modern day, with Sarah Conner, Kyle Reese and the Terminator racast. Have the original plot, but with smartphones and social media. They would call the Terminator the “Facebook killer” instead of the “Phone book killer”.

      The Sting. The classic con movie would be really interesting to set in the modern age, where information passes so quickly, it would be hard to pull off a con like they did in the original.

      Clue. But this time, with even MORE endings!


      Jurassic Park as a ten-episode HBO miniseries set in 1989 with novel accuracy.  Even though the film is widely praised, Spielberg’s adaptation is very loose, filled with minor alterations and missing entire sections of Crichton’s book.


      I know technically it was remade/rebooted/it was a sequel (wtf knows) but if they did a remake of Tron and actually fleshed out the first one’s story it would be a good thing. That movie made my childhood but the story always seemed under developed. The second one seemed even more thrown together but a decent storyline would give the already amazing visuals of Tron Legacy some extra points. Personally i feel if a movie is good, regardless of if it “holds up” to today’s standards it should remain untouched. Especially since Hollywood’s track record with actual remakes has not been good. They can’t even call them remakes anymore they have to use the “reboot” ploy.


      Don’t touch ever to the terminator !




      I mean, they should not have introduced Therns so early, and should not have made them so powerful. The whole idea behind the Therns is that they are supposed to be false gods, but the way they are set up in the film, there isn’t anything “false” about their power…


      Prometheus paradise instead of alien covenant


      The Snake Pliskin-Saga needs to be remade but by someone un-woke with balls of steel and a lot of bubble-gum!


      Ooh, see now that’s interesting.

      Who would you want to play Snake? Would you want it to be essentially the same storyline, or changed slightly?

      I’m just imagining Escape from New York, but instead of New York being a prison in the future, its an area where they defunded/got rid of the police and set up an autonomous zone. :D

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