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    Their parks are shut down, the theaters are closed, their release schedule for Marvel has been completely set back, people are out of work and are worried about there families, yet still they continue to act like a monopoly that can afford to pick favorites when it comes to fans and who they protect.  I overlooked Pedro’s offensive posts to enjoy this amazing season of the Mandalorian and for Disney seemingly standing firm against the Gian Carono cancel mob up until they didn’t. Them sabotaging Cara Dune and her story we will never see unfold now over a tweet that was not offensive at all just boggles me. They are not in the financial position to really entirely on the woke and complacent to keep them the behemoth they want to be.   Its like they think Twitter is the only online community or that activily want to get rid of parts of their audience.

    I’m incredibly burnt out. Mandalorian was so good and I was really looking forward to Bad Batch. But Star Wars is just too toxic a brand under Disney and they still thanked the CCP for letting them film outside of a concentration camp.


    The rat is clearly not interested in earning profits. Everything they have done since the day they were created was designed to bring kids to their Pedo hands.


    Cara Dune was the best character in that show.
    Baby yoda is off to boarding school.  Mando is only cool with his hat on, hes just a car wash attendant with it off.
    and they blew up the cool space ship.
    I dont see how they could even make a season 3 before this tbh.
    Certainly cant now.




    If this is true, I’m down to enduring watching more Star Wars if they reverse their decision.


    Strategically, this is KK’s best shot to destroy the Filoni-verse before it’s born. The High Republic is trash and a commercial failure, but if she can drive the old fans away, Disney will have no choice but to embrace her vision with no real alternative. This is a political move, self-destructive in the long run by a petty tyrant who does not want to lose power.

    For me, I won’t watch Mando until and unless KK is gone. I’ve made it very clear that for me to come back to SW, KK must be fired, the sequels decanonized and if it were legal, Rian Johnson burned at the stake. So keep up the pressure, this is a negotiation with an amoral psychopath holding a loved one. You need to have the ability to walk away or that loved one is already dead. You also need to be able to come back to the table.


    Too big to fail?

    I think helle-wood needs to learn a lesson.

    Do you think they would re-think the “go woke – go broke” if one of the biggest entertainment corporation goes bankrupt and is no more?

    This race to the bottom is not a race any corporation wants to win, yet disney is dead set on doing just that.


    Good Doomcock vid.

    Fucker needs to get the fuck off Blotube.


      Social Justice happened.


      Get woke, go broke! Disney will eventually figure that out, but it is far too late and we will not forget, and we will not forgive this.



      This is not social justice.  This is a SJW lynch mobbing attaching a strong woman because she won’t bend the knee to them.


      The Mandalorian was great but Disney had to find a way to possibly ruin it by the third season.

      All of the big franchises from Hollywood are being destroyed in the name of “social justice”.

      I guess we, the fans, should continue speaking to the Disney rat with our wallets.



      One of the greatest scenes ever filmed. For all the wrong reasons.


      Its ok rosie just do what they say… hahahahahah

    Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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