What will Trudeau do when 650,000 angry farmers descend on Ottawa?

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    What will Trudeau do when 650,000 angry farmers descend on Ottawa?

    Tired of suffering from high food prices at the grocery store? Well, the Trudeau government believes it is your God-given right to suffer even more as it imposes ever more onerous climate policies on farmers.

    This libtard’s anti-citizen policies are insane.

    The Trudeau government announced at a recent meeting with other levels of government that it has plans to reduce fertilizer-related carbon dioxide emissions 30% from 2020 levels by 2030. Agricultural producers immediately warned Ottawa this move would cut farmers’ incomes by reducing outputs while pushing up prices at grocery stores.

    You heard that right: Ottawa’s plan will reduce food output during an affordability crisis.

    Just eat less local produce.  Eat more bugs.

    Farmers across Manitoba and the other Prairie provinces immediately warned the federal government that this policy was wrongheaded and would negatively impact food security.

    Put those elites will ALWAYS have access to food.  Why should they care about the average Canadian?

    If the feds don’t withdraw this initiative, things will get much worse. Ottawa’s climate-related policy to cut fertilizer use is the same policy Holland’s government recently introduced, sparking mass protests by farmers across that country.

    Canada has about 650,000 farmers compared to 200,000 truckers.

    Does Ottawa wish to see protests across Canada that would be much larger than the truckers’ Freedom Convoy protests?

    I almost looks like those libtards WANT a protest.

    That historic protest provoked the Trudeau government to introduce, then swiftly rescind, the Emergencies Act,

    And that could the lead to the federalize all those private farms.

    One hopes they listen to producers and the provinces and withdraw this misguided move before things get bad.

    We have already seen how the libtard government refuses to listen.

    The Trudeau government must be stopped from sacrificing farmers and average Canadians, already facing record energy and food prices, on the altar of carbon dioxide reductions.

    Expect another Freedom Convoy replay if it doesn’t reconsider this ill-advised move.

    If 200,000 truckers scared Trudeau into introducing the Emergencies Act, what will he do when 650,000 angry farmers descend on Ottawa? This time, it could be fatal for our climate-obsessed PM.

    The enacting of the Emergencies Act, then the suspension of the Charter of Rights, as we will be in the utopia leftist dictatorship the left want.

    These extremely toxic far alt-left are the real THREAT to democracy, be you an American, a Canadian, or from Holland (where they are having farmer protests), etc.




    He will have them arrested, thrown in DC style gulags, close their bank accounts, confiscate their farms and equipment and nationalize them.


    Yup, he’ll crush them like he did the Truckers. Sorry to say the only peaceful way to solve this problem is to democratically remove him.

    But the way he’s playing to his base that seems unlikely.


    Government emissions targets for fertilizer use unrealistic, industry report argues

    A new industry-led report suggests Canada’s farmers can likely only achieve half of the federal government’s targeted 30 per cent reduction in fertilizer emissions by 2030.

    The report, commissioned by Fertilizer Canada and the Canola Council of Canada, examines what effect a 30 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the use of nitrogen-based fertilizers on Canadian farms would have on crop yields and farm financial viability.

    What did they discover?

    The report concludes that it may be possible to achieve a 14 per cent reduction in emissions from fertilizer by 2030, but that reaching 30 per cent is not “realistically achievable without imposing significant costs on Canada’s crop producers and potentially damaging the financial health of Canada’s crop production sector.”

    As if an activist government CARES about such things as COSTS, YEILDS, FINANCIAL HEALTH of the various industries nor of the average Canadian.

    “I believe what (this report) is saying is the 30 per cent reduction target is not achievable without putting production and exports in jeopardy, and we’ve been saying that all along,” said Tom Steve, general manager of the Alberta Wheat and Barley Commissions.

    “It was an arbitrary target that was set somewhere in the government, with no path as to how it was going to be achieved.”

    It sounds good in headlines.  30%  wow!

    The government has said its 30 per cent target is a goal, not a mandatory enforceable target. It has also said it believes the target is achievable, since many of the required technologies and practices to reduce emissions from fertilizer use already exist.

    Without giving ANY examples, or cost associated with it.  How typical.

    Still, farmers have warned the goal is too ambitious, especially at a time when Canada’s agriculture industry is being asked to produce more to help address global food security fears.

    “It’s really taken our eye off the ball of what is needed in our industry, which is to become more efficient and productive and competitive,” Steve said.

    “Most farmers already do whatever they can to reduce their use of fertilizer — it’s their most expensive input.”

    And if they are force to convert to an even MORE expensive means to maintain the same production output and margins, expect prices on the consumers to go up.

    If they produce LESS because of this, then expect prices on consumers to go up.

    Government goal = prices on consumers to go up.

    While that’s an aggressive target, she said, it would strike a balance between the needs of the environment and the need for continued increased food production going forward.

    Proud said that going beyond a 14 per cent reduction by 2030 would be economically unviable, since many of the changes required — such as working with a certified crop advisor, or doing soil testing — are costly for the farmer.

    “We need to be able to allow farmers to increase their productivity to offset the costs of implementing these best practices,” she said.

    “The only way to do that is you allow them to increase yields, or the math doesn’t work. You can’t ask farmers to invest in practices at a loss.”

    But this is the government we are talking about, where doing business at a loss is what they do.


      Protests are useless because the people in power don’t care about your opinion.  So expressing it in any manner, even en masse, makes no nevermind to them.  Unfortunately, I think it will take a Sri Lanka type event to make real change.   I don’t mean an economic collapse but the masses running Trudeau out of town.  Because at that point, folks in power will once again fear the people.  And only when they fear the people do they respect them.

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