What’s one story you think every beginner should read?

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    Recently I have been reading the wolf among us comic adaptation of the awesome telltale video game. My wife—whose not a comic reader, and definitely believes the stereotype of “comics are for kids”—thought she would see if what I was reading was as sophisticated as I argued to her in a previous conversation( which when I said that I was generally thinking about a lot of the classic comic stories). Needless to say she thought the opposite. She said it was trashy and immature. So I am here to ask you two questions: 1. What is a story that you think would be perfect for a beginner. Preferably for someone who doesn’t like nudity or crass language, think of a story you would show your novel reading elder to get them into comics. 2. What got you interested in comics?

    1. I’m thinking of showing her Daredevil: Man without fear by Frank Miller
    2.I always liked watching movies and playing video games that featured super hero’s, but it wasn’t until I watched FNT and Nerdotic, really all of the guys in the fellowship, that after awhile I thought “ Hell I should get around to reading this stuff I already like.” So funny enough my wife brought home some comics from her work ( It was a few issues from The Punisher: War Zone by Chuck Dixon) and I was hooked.


    The Killing Joke is a classic. Short, well written, thematically rich, and by the way it’s bookended and with the scene transitions it almost feels like a storyboard for a film.


    A female DJ I was listening to the other day said that her favorite comics growing up were the early Fantastic Four and I saw you mention them as one of your favorites on another thread. A relative of mine told me that comics are what got him into reading and he became a doctor. I kind of agree that comics are juvenile and yet, some substantial people throughout life told me, “Comics are the birthplace of intellectuals.” Chris Claremont is my favorite writer and he went to Oxford, if I’m not mistaken. He was influenced by Kipling and Heinlein. One person to ask might be Tuggs, because she seems to enjoy reading, but don’t know if she’s into comics. Never even though about it from a female perspective. Supposedly, Sandman has a big female base. Would think that a wife would be looking for romantic storylines, so would look for runs like that, where the supers are kind of the backdrop for the relationship storyline.


    I would think sandman would be good too, but I would be hesitant because I haven’t read it— I listened to a theatrical reading of the first volume and I liked it, but it seemed more gritty in some areas— though I’ve heard a lot of people say it’s girly, it might be the storyline with death. Also funny enough I actually haven’t read Fantastic Four, I have just seen so many videos, retro reviews, and what not,that I know the stories from Stan Lee alone are influential. So I definitely have FF on my reading list.

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