Whats your dream movie cross-over?

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    Casey Kasem was the voice of Shaggy in Scooby Doo. I did not know that at the time. This is why Ready Player One was such a good book is that it really made you think in terms of crossovers. Books, movies, TV shows, video games, comic books, toys were all kind of lumped together in the new virtual world. Even the deceased could live again, so all time characters could be there. You could have like Link from Legend of Zelda and Conan The Barbarian, or Conan the Barbarian and Thundarr the Barbarian. Maybe Metroid and IronMan. Halo and Starship Troopers.


    Everything. I have always wanted a crossover with pretty much every character and every universe. It has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. I even brainstormed ideas for stories on how that would be accomplished. Such as a movie multiverse where each film is a single dimension and you can travel to different dimensions. I even had an idea where All the villains in the films captured all their heroes/protagonists and held them in the caves of a huge volcano. Lots of insane ideas like that came to me whenever I thought about it. Probably never gonna happen, but a guy can dream right?


    Everything. I have always wanted a crossover with pretty much every character and every universe. It has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. I even brainstormed ideas for stories on how that would be accomplished.

    Me too 😸 Ever since i was a kid, every movie, cartoon, anime i watched was basicly thrown in the blender to make up crazy stories with characters from every end of the multiverse, and i’d even throw me and my real life friends in the mix 🤣 I still come up with crossover stories on the daily, whether it’s slice of life, usually characters doing really dumb shit, or epic battles

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    Probably the closest we’ll ever get to a ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Star Wars’ crossover😍:

    Despite the footage from the sequel tribology (I was able to watch ‘Rogue One’ last week and it ended up being better than I expected), this was very well done.

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    I want to crossover The Justice League movies with Godzilla. We have never gotten a superhero vs giant monster movie thing ever…….and I know people are gonna look at my avatar and be like “Hey Blood Ranger are you high?”

    “You’re a Power Ranger….your franchise has superheroes fighting giant monsters all the time?”

    And all I got to say to that is….well Power Rangers is built that way from the beginning……I want to see another set of non Power Rangers type superheroes fighting giant monsters not from their company.




    Star Trek vs Alien. It would be fascinating to see one crew of spiffy Enterprise personnel come up against a true horror from space, one they doesn’t care about playing nice but just wants to use them to create more xenomorphs.


    @Audie Wasn’t the BORG close to that? A horror that cares not to play by federation rules, and uses them to create more Borg.

    It sounds too similar.


    As for Xenomporphs… And Predators… and Boba Fett, anyone remember this GEM:

    We had a scene need the end where we some a “face-off” between Boba Fett, some Predators, and what looks like a skull of a smaller Xenomorph “not regulation sized”, and the “I think this one is still alive” at a Xenomorph just before they leave.


    Damn, I wish I.M.P.S. would do more chapters.



    The borg are maybe the closest Trek came to it, but after a while they started adding stuff here and there–some borg can become good, there’s a borg queen bee with a crush on Picard and maybe Data, 7 of 9. In the end, they made the borg too human-like.

    To look at it another way, if Trek was to meet Predators, they might at first seem a lot like Klingons. But again, the Klingons became “civilized”, or maybe “Federationized”, as the story went on.

    What would make Aliens or Predators work in Trek is that they don’t become “Federationized”, the aliens remain creatures devoted to finding faces to hug, and Predators remain apex hunters.


    In the age of internet trolls, I think a dream cross-over would be Joker and Loki to cause maximum mischief and pranks. I think that if The Joker had a god, it would definitely be Loki to come up with ways to cause maximum social turbulence and public discord, strife and quarreling.


    Bloodrayne and Blade teamup

    Robocop and Terminator

    Cyberpunk 2077 and Blade Runner (not a stretch…lol)

    Species VS Aliens


    Another one I forgot to mention would be the team from Godzilla 1998 and team Godzilla 2014. Sadly they’re different studios so I don’t think that’ll happen any time soon😥


    Back to the Future + Star Wars…lol no.

    Marty has to save the future by erasing the darkest timeline, making sure palpy actually died and Rey never existed.

    Seriously though Stargate has some interesting possibilities.

    Dimensional shifts is already possible.

    Teal’c & Ronin vs A Goa’uld/Predator.

    I wonder how Rambo would do against a Predator?, He’s highly trained at jungle warfare.


    I like the Robocop mention.

    Would think Robocop, Judge Dredd and Punisher cross-over and team up and recruit other jackboot thugs to crack down on those MAGA protesters, truckers, farmers, and others. Fascist heroes! Maybe throw in some Stormtroopers.


    Little Mermaid and Black Panther

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