What’s Your Favorite Anime you Discovered In 2020?

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      Hi guys! With 2020 drawing to a close, i thought it’d be nice to look back at this, ehm, particcularly crazy year… ok, maybe this isn’t a year many people would like to look back too 😅 Still, this year a lot of us had quite a bit of free time on our hands, probably a lot more then we would’ve liked 😑💸 I don’t know about everyone else, but i decided to use said free time to rewatch tons of my favorite anime, and discover a bunch of new ones 😄 If anyone else here on G+G spent the year basicly living in anime land, i’d love to know which anime you discovered in crazy 2020 was your favorite, whether it’s a 2020 release or an older anime you watched for the first time 😊

      In the meantime, here are my favorites 😸

      For 2020 release: No surprise here, Digimon Adventure 2020 🤩 Ok, this doesn’t really count as a new discovery, but i love Digimon, Adventure 2020 really is a reboot done well, keeping the charm of the original series while telling new stories, and even having the element of surprise/shock 🤯

      But, out of the anime that i discovered for the first time this year, my favorite, by far, is Code Geass, this is an anime i’m gonna be rewatching over and over again till the end of time, with a compelling and emotional story, well developed characters you can connect to, a very relatable main character (least for me 😁), well, i liked this anime so much i started a whole thread on it, a thread that should have a spoiler alert on it 😅

      Anyway, happy to hear more favorite anime discoveries of 2020, and, Happy New Year 🥳🎉🎊


      Jujutsu Kaisen, Tower of God, God of Highschool, Rising of the Shield Hero, L-Gaim, Space Runaway Ideon, and When I was reincarnated as a Slime.


      Those are the anime that I like. But as for seen, them, Lord of Vermillion Crimson King, etc. I’ve even rewatched Dr. Stone with English Subs.


      By far and away In/spectre: High quality artwork and story. A real treat for the eyes and ears to wallow in. If you love supernatural stuff it’s a must-watch.

      Return from Death

      Honestly, who wouldn’t touch them?!

      Murder Witness


      during the last week or so of 2020 i came across an anime called re:zero its amazing, the story really touched me, its a beautiful and deep anime, i didnt expect to like it because it didnt seem like my style. i was just bored, and i was going through a tough time with depression, so i gave it a shot and for a time this show filled a void in my heart, the main character is inspiring in ways no other anime character is to me, the show has a way of switching between being light hearted and extremely dark, the genre is adventure but i consider it to be romance, this is one of my favorite anime of all time. the show isnt perfect there are times where you have to be patient with the story, but yet its still a masterpiece. it has 2 seasons and its still ongoing, part 2 of season 2 comes out this month. i recommend it to everyone


        Glad to hear this anime helped you out in a tough time 😊

        The way you feel about the main character of Re:zero is similar to how i feel about the main character of Code Geass

        When i’m going thru a tough time i always turn to anime and movies to get me thru them, and Code Geass got me thru such a time

        Re:zero’s definitly on my anime watch list now

        Hope to see you more here on G+G @pheonixking787 😸


        im glad you have an anime that helps you in the same way :), and yeah i hope to be more active on G+G too, i was active when the site first started but i got really busy with school when the fall semester hit.


        Attack on Titan!!!! <3


        Shokugeki no soma. I’ve always benn into anime, sepcially in my teen years ( talking akira, evangelion times) but went on hiatus for many years, this year picked it up and my wife got into it because of this show, surprised me she went ofr it but binge watched the full series within a couple of weeks. Shes still a normie god bless her heart but nice to know she gets along with those forgotten parts of me.


        My lady started taking me through Attack on Titan towards the end of the year and it’s pretty great. I honestly didn’t think it would be my cup of tea, but I was wrong!


        I got into Re:Zero last year and its become one of my favorites. I think its just super different from your typical itsiqui or shoenen story.


        I legit started watching anime in 2020.


        BOFURI: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense.

        Was the one that I was looking forward to and it was a fun and nice ride to watch it. Plus the 2nd season of this is announced for 2022

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