What’s your most unpopular TV show opinion?

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    What are your unpopular opinions about TV shows? As in, you hate something everybody likes, or vice versa? 

    I’ll start.

    I think The Boys TV show is an awful adaptation and even on its own is boring. The pacing is bad, the visuals, characters and story are bland, the violence isn’t nearly as fun as it could be, its takes on subversion of superheroes is so incredibly boring, and yeah, I just hate it with everything I have. The actors are great as far as I can tell with their other works, and do what they can with the stuff they’re given, but other than that, I hate it.

    I get why people like it or praise it, but I disagree with every single point.


    Star Wars Resistance season 1’s funny! But i will admit season 2’s an f***ing mess, though i did like the final few episodes


    The Mandalorian is complete garbage with woke feminism sprinkled in.


    What about <3 BABY YODA <3 ?!?!

    baby yoda2


    Oooo a very unpopular opinion! Love it.


    I think the fairly odd parents is one of those shows that aged so poorly to the point that it’s creator is a massive piece of shit!


    Not a big fan of those Star Wars cartoons. Clones Wars and such. I know people love it so much but always struck me as meh. Also think the Mandalorian was good but not as epic as the hype around it warranted.


    Here is a video where I talk about it https://www.bitchute.com/video/Eze4NJuom5Yt/


    Naruto Shippuden…hear me out.

    I loved the show but the more it went on the more they did filler flashback shit….pissed me off so much.

    I had to skim through the rest of the episodes just to find out the ending.

    It went a bit weird and crazy OP characters.

    It’s strange I could easily start watching it today but knowing how much filler I’ll have to get through… I’m annoyed just thinking about it.


    Oh I 100% agree.

    I really enjoy the Naruto franchise, but it has an INSANE amount of filler. And the whole Kaguya thing was…weird.


    Here’s an opinion I have that is unpopular even in my own household:

    I don’t understand why people are gaga about “baby Yoda”.  I don’t think it is cute.

    Maybe that’s because I share my home with “baby wookies” — pure-bred Pekingese.  They are real-life cuties.

    When I see “Baby Yoda”,  I feel nothing but apathy.





    So did you watch the Star Wars holiday special with your baby wookies?


    Why do you say that. I haven’t seen that show in years.


    Every time we watch anything related to Star Wars, our little one named “Chewbie’ is showered with extra attention.  Pretty sure he’s a fan.    :)


    Awwww :3   My cats love Star Wars too

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 37 total)
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