What’s your most unpopular TV show opinion?

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    I like Blade The Series which is a show that aired on Spike TV back in 2006. It got canceled after the first season and left off on a cliff hanger. People hated the show mainly because Wesley Snipes didn’t play Blade in it and people didn’t like the guy who did play Blade in it because he wasn’t as good as Wesley Snipes (which is true) and his fighting style was different than Wesley Snipes (which is also true) and because he was bald (which I don’t care if he was bald or not). I thought the guy who played Blade in the series did an okay job. And you can’t really blame Wesley Snipes for not wanting to do Blade The series after the total epic failure that was Blade Trinity. But I am glad they decided to do it even without Wesley Snipes.

    Blade is one of my favorite Marvel superheroes and he’s a complete badass vampire hunter who kicks a lot of ass and doesn’t take names. Blade The Series is a show that doesn’t fucking hold back on the violence, blood, gore and nudity. It explores more into Blades childhood. It’s a very underrated rare gem of a show that would’ve never got made in today’s politically correct climate. Most people hate it though. I like it. I have the complete series on DVD.


    When the remake of Battlestar Galatica came out, everyone seemed to like I.

    I was one of those whom did not like it.



    Same! I hated it.  I’ve never seen the original.

    I did like Firefly though.


    Look up the whole Butch Hartman thing. Recently, he’s been exposed for his fake streaming service of his and also his egotistical ways of not apologizing. Not only that, but he also scammed a person for a cartoon that he worked on together for over 1500 dollars. And also is running too many shady businesses. PieGuyRulz did loads of detective work on this situation. So you may want to check that out.


    “Blade The Series is a show that doesn’t fucking hold back on the violence, blood, gore and nudity. ”

    Sounds like my kinda show, haha. Might check it out, sounds like fun!


    For me it has to be something of a tie between Star Trek: Picard and Vagrant Queen in that I quite enjoyed them both.

    I’m a big Trek fan (except for STD) so gave Picard a chance even after seeing Doomcock’s review of the first episode and decided I didn’t think it was anywhere near as as bad as he made out. I’m not saying that the show was without some pretty big flaws in places, especially to do with pacing but if there is a second season I’ll watch if I can.

    When it comes to Vagrant Queen I watched the first episode without knowing anything about the comic book (which is apparently terrible, certainly the limited art I’ve since seen from it is) or the US marketing that seemed largely political in nature and I saw it as a good light hearted show. In the UK SyFy described it as being in the style of Guardians of the Galaxy. Given the abysmal viewing figures it got I doubt there’ll be a second season but I would have liked to see the cliff hanger resolved.


    I’m a Blade fan as well and also have it on DVD. I didn’t realise that it was unpopular.


    Very unpopular I guess, I hate Naruto


    I quite enjoyed Star Trek Picard too, really liked Rios and holograms


    Baby Jabba a28EB7D0E-4A68-4D47-91DC-2F135D51AA63 way cutter


    Nah, that’s fair lmao


    The original Battlestar Galactica from the 70s is far,far superior to the noughties remake ( Which was so depressing that i had to stop watching as i feared i might slip my wrists ).


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    And here’s Jabba’s baby :3


    The first two Blade movies are popular. Great movies. I was talking about Blade The Series. A Blade TV show that aired on Spike TV a long time ago and only had 13 episodes and then got canceled because people hated it. The ratings dropped and they didn’t have the budget to continue the show. People hated it mostly because Wesley Snipes wasn’t in it. Blade The Series is unpopular. But I like it.


    Yes, I was talking about the series as well. With the rapper Kirk Jones (Sticky Fingaz) as Blade.

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