When we go back to the moon, will it be faked?

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    I am looking at some of the new AI technology coming out.  I find it odd, how we have not gone back to the moon for half a century or so.  Yet, we are supposed to go back soon.

    So given the deception we are seeing all over this planet, will they fake the moon landing and the mars missions? After all, lets look at the practicalities of going to Mars.  A person would literally go blind due to the pressure buildup behind the eyeballs before we ever even reached Mars.  These are the types of obstacles we would have to overcome.  There are thousands more.

    So, I have to wonder out loud if we are all being snowballed by government yet again.  This new AI technology is brutal.  And, it is amazes me how we are celebrating Shatner being launched into space when we did that decades upon decades ago.  It is like our “advancement” is actually us going backwards.


    At this point if government tells me water is wet or the sky is blue I am going to check it for myself.


    For one, this was on a private venture.

    For another, Shatner is now the oldest male to reach “space” level.

    And again, the publicity it has generated and all the memes… priceless.


    Shatner, I have liked him since I discovered Star Trek a long time ago. He went to space as a 90 year old man and looked good doing it. More power to the man.



    William Shatner is what everyone should be at 90 years old, my grandma is a year younger than him and her mind reverted to that of a child and needs constant baby sitting. If only we could all age like William Shatner.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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