Where are all the mass shootings?

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    Have you noticed something different about America?  We are not fighting any wars and all the mass shootings have pretty much stopped under Trump.  In fact, the entire world is a lot more peaceful really.   (You have to exclude Chicago, Baltimore, Portland, and pretty much every Democrat city though.)

    Remember under Obama?  We were getting 3 mass shootings a month.  Major ones every 3 or 4 months.  It was almost as if all those events were to push a gun confiscation plan while the Democrats had power.  Gee… I wonder…



    Oh, I expect a HUGE resurgence of them come November/December.


    Sandy Hook was fake.  There is little doubt in my mind.   The lead investigator dropped dead and the investigation stopped and they destroyed the school.


    Mass shooter events only happen when the DNC owns Congress.

    They know Americans dont give a fuck about their lies.

    Secondly I agree with Newtown being a hoax. The so called dead kids were at the Stupor Blow singing the national anthem 3 months later. One of the dead kids was seen sitting on Ofucktards knee a week after the incident. I wonder if I still have that photo……..


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    Notice anything odd about this evacuation?

    1)  There are no police.  In a real event, there would be about 100 police everywhere.  Especially guarding the children.

    2) They stopped to rearrange the kids for a better photo opportunity.  Getting them to safety is not an issue.  Nope.  Got to rearrange that line.

    3)  Only one image was released to the press on a national level.  They never released the entire set.  No wonder.

    4)  The parents are all standing around as if they are watching a drill or a little league game.



    You are tell me Alex Jones was right all along?

    And the legacy media made a national story out of people “play-acting” a mass shooting?


    Gesss, just look at how many of those we saw over the years.


    Someone sent Alex Jones child porn to set him up.  I believe this spooked him.  I believe that was a warning.  He is just lucky he had money to defend himself.  The common man would be in prison for 20 years after being set up like that.


    All the kids are dressed for 70+ degree weather yet it was mid 30s the day in question.

    This is not an evacuation photo this is some kind of field trip from the previous school year.

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