Which Demon Slayer Character Do You Think You’re Most Similar To?

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      Only watch this video if you want light spoilers for Demon Slayer movie

      Heroes, people love to rout for heroes, and this entire franchise is filled with heroes, that’s why we connect to them, because we always want to see ourselves in the heroes in the terms of not in what if we look like them, ’cause that’s the only way SJWs look at things, no, we look at it from the emotional…

      And what @Roas says right here is what sparked my brain up to start this topic

      For 1, i’ll never get why SJWs are so obsessed with characters looking like them, why wouldn’t you be able to connect to a character that doesn’t look like you? Honestly, only being able to connect to someone because they look like you sounds incredibly racist and sexist 😂😂😂

      I mean, most of the characters i can connect and relate to are guys, and the first female character i could connect and relate to was Gamora, and she’s green!

      And 2, i am always very curious to know, which characters do you guys connect to? Since we’re talking Demon Slayer, which Demon Slayer characters can you connect and/or relate to most?

      For me, the characters i can connect and relate to the most are Rengoku and Inosuke


      I would probably say Rengoku and Tanjiro.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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