Which Disney Movie has the best soundtrack


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    Which Disney Movie has the best soundtrack ?

    Any of the Disney Marvel Movie soundtrack

    Any of the Disney Lucasfilm Star Wars Movies soundtrack

    Disney Movie The Lion King 1994 & 2019  soundtrack. Disney Aladdin 2019 soundtrack & Disney Aladdin 1992 soundtrack. Disney The little Mermaid 1989 soundtrack & Lady And The Tramp 2019 soundtrack & Lady And The Tramp 1937 & Fantasia 1940 soundtrack & Mary Poppins 1965 soundtrack & Beauty And Beast 1991 soundtrack & Beauty And Beast 2017 soundtrack .


    Disney Disney?

    or Disney Marvel?

    or Disney Lucasfilm?


    Disney Disney: cartoon films like Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, all good.

    Disney Marvel: nothing stands out

    Disney Lucasfilm: nothing stands out.


    Any movie from the Renaissance, The Lion King, Aladdin, BatB, and especially Hunchback of Notre Dame


    What? The entire score of the original trilogy is a classic! Plus some stuff from the other flicks like Duel of Fates. John Williams is one of the top 3 movie music composers easily.



    I would go with Lion King (1994) soundtrack because of memorability


    Now if we were talking about pre-Disney Star Wars… Empire Strikes Back and Revenge of the Sith would be 1 & 2.

    But since the question was for DISNEY,

    Disney Lucasfilm – nothing stands out.  They are the sequel trilogy (about Rey “MarySue” Palatine) and are one of John Williams poorest works, IMO.




    The Black Hole- John Barry


    Disney Movie Frozen soundtrack: Disney Frozen song Let It Go & Disney Frozen Do You Want To Build A Snowman & Disney Frozen First In Forever Frozen

    Disney Movie Aladdin 1992 Soundtrack: A Whole New World &  Arabian Nights & One Jump Ahead & Friends Like Me & Prince Ali .

    Disney The Little Mermaid: 1989 song Under The Sea

    Star Wars Soundtrack:  Star Wars Them Song from Star Wars New Hope by John Williams

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    Rogue One’s score is nothing less than amazing!


    Animated Features (Score): Mulan – the music during the hair cutting scene still gives me chills

    Animated Feature (Songs): Beauty and the Beast

    Live Action (Score): Tron: Legacy

    Live Action (Songs): Mary Poppins…and I do have a soft spot for “Let’s Get Together” from (original) The Parent Trap


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