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    Here is a question I have for all the long time Marvel fans out there….which side would you be on in Marvel Civil War as in the comic book event from 2006 and not the recent Captain America Civil War movie adaption of it from years ago. In Marvel Civil War Captain America and Ironman are split on should superheroes be registered with the government and forced to reveal their secret identities then work for the Government or should they be allowed to keep their identities a secret but get to work separate from the Government and on their own their way.

    For me I am for superheroes keeping their identities a secret and not working for the government which was Captain America’s side which to me seemed more logical than Ironman’s side which was to register with the government and give up your secret identity to be an employee for them to save people when they tell you to which defeats the whole purpose of even being a superhero.

    Friends I had known in real life who read or knew about Marvel Civil War kept being Pro-Ironman for some reason while I was the only person I knew of in my real life to be Pro-Captain America but I will still stand by siding with Captain America on his opposition toward the Registration Act.

    The Superhero Registration Act in my opinion was what lead Aunt May to be killed after Spiderman revealed his secret identity to the world.

    What side would you guys choose, no judgements from me from your honest opinion.



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      Definitely team Cap for this

      PS: Civil War comic came out in 2006

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      I too am for the “SECRET IDENTITIES”.

      That is why Superman never revealed his secret identity to the world, for that would but people close to him like Lois Lane as targets for the really bad supervillains to kidnap, torture, etc, just to get back at Superman (F-You Bendis and fucking this simple Superman fact up!)

      That is why Bruce Wayne never revealed he is Batman to criminals, for then they would attack him directly (with Bane and the Joker being exceptions, since they want to defeat the BATMAN, not the playboy personna.


      Part of what makes Spider-Man, is that he does what he does not for personal glory/fan, but because “with great power comes great responsibilities”.  With his identity reveal, it takes AWAY from the character, and all his rogues can come after him 24/7.  He won’t be able to get a job, as his work would be attacked.  He can get any friends and they would be targets.


      These superheroes can do the things that can be done cross borders, and are doing it because it is the right thing to do.

      Being a “registered government agent”, you can’t without it being called political interference by a majority, and of those in the country/nation you are going to.

      OH look, you are with a government alphabet agency.  The CIA, the FBI, the RGA, the FU2!

      Sorry, but when have seen back when Lex Luther was President, how he wanted to manipulate Superman into doing things.  Look at how much easier it would have been if they were a member of the RGA!

      No thanks!


      So while we do have some heroes who don’t have secret identities;  Aquaman, his character has king of Atlantis (and how often atlantis gets attacked, etc), is part of what makes Aquaman.  He is split between and is used as a bridge between two worlds.  His character works that way.  His is part of a separate nation, just like Dr.Doom or Black Adam.


      Now if asked which character I would rather follow, a Superman (before Bendis), a Batman, or an Aquaman, sadly the King of Atlantis would be third.



      Okay I changed the date it is now 2006, I swear I just can’t get dates right which is why I guess I am single all the time lol 😂😀


        What @Legatus_Legionis said is how I feel as well. Aquaman would be my choice as there is that Demigod potential (depending on how the wind of a fart blows) but im going he is. Though I would take Wonder Woman, she is a Demigod with potential immortality as well. Superman and Batman, well The bat will die in time and superman possibly as well. But lets face it WW when I was growing up was

        And today we have:

        Sorry Aquaman, Pre Jason, as Raj said


        When I was still a comic fan, I was rooting for Cap all the way. Civil War really ruined Iron Man for me and looking back, that was some bad writing for him (no surprise, seeing that Bendis is a hack and ripped off the whole event from Astro City).

        Now? Both sides can destroy each other for all I care.

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        Cap, definitely.

        I understood all of Tony’s arguments and why they made sense to him, but making superheroes just another arm of the government would’ve likely created more problems than it solves.




        @FallenOmegaStar That quote from Caps is so accurate in today’s world.


        Team Cap for me.

        As for DC…I felt that ‘Injustice’ felt like them knocking off ‘Civil War’s’ success in the comics even though I really like the games.


        @Legatus_Legionis A lot of Leftists/SJWs think it applies to them.

        When they see right-wingers use it, they start seething and raging.

        They want to be the underdogs so badly lmao.



        I find it funny every time a social Marxist uses the term ‘bootlicker’ when that’s all they ever do.

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