Which version is The Best Xbox Gaming System ?

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    Which version of Xbox games system is the best ?

    Is Xbox Series X the best gaming system ?

    Is Xbox Series S Series  the best gaming system ?

    Is Xbox One X the best gaming system ?

    Xbox  really has a lot gaming system.


    Series x is the way to go if you can get one. But it does depend on your gaming habits. Series s is a good buy on sale right now, but the limited space is tough to work around. I recommend an external drive for either system to easily move things around.


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      I am confused as to why this is a question? The Series X is the best and highest performance of the Xbox consoles. The S is a step down in quality and performance, I personally don’t even see the point in the S. The One X is last gen, so that speaks for itself. and is old tech now.

      Very strange thread


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