White Privilege Isn’t Real

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    “A horrific scene was captured on video as a man was fatally run over by several vehicles in Los Angeles — and the awful people who passed by did nothing to help.”

    The man ran over is white.


    If an African American,Asian, or Hispanic was run over it would be highly publicized and blm would find some way to blame the police and start another riot.

    Proof white privilege is a lie: https://whiteprivilegeisntreal.org/black-vs-white-crime-statistics/


    Yeah, this narrative is hurting a lot of people because mainstream media and twitter blue checks are brainwashing people basically telling them that all white people are rich/millionaires. There are sooo maaany poor white people and now no one cares about them, people make fun of them and are racist against them. It’s messed up.

    And there are so many “races” within “white people”… but they just don’t care.




    again the same narrative that if it is against white people, it’s not racist.


    Those awful people who didn’t help the man because he’s white, the only reason they’d run to help any other race is to virtue signal and play the fake good guy, and I bet they’d do all that while going on facebook live, people like that make me sick


    Listen if white privileged was true then why did I:
    Have to work two jobs, go to school at nights and weekends, repay ALL my education bills, Pay taxes (and im talking business work comp ppt etc) and finally when I worked my way to the top, was still working 80+ hours a week, continueing education not just for myself but employee’s which I paid for as well, Paid for all my medical bills. Never got a stinking free phone, hand-out from the gubberment not even a tax break.

    Ya white privilege my Lilly white blinding ass.


    WTF was dude standing in the road for? Dark street, dark clothing, This might have been a suicide.


    Just look at history.

    Every war, the aggressors need a scapegoat.

    So the war against western civilization (freedoms, rights, democracy)… they need a scapegoat they can get the population to turn against.


    Divide and conquer.  Classic war strategy is now being used against the free world.  And the media is egging it on.  Activists are egging it on.  Politicians are egging it on.


    There is one thing about being white that is denied to people of other skin tones – the left doesn’t think that it owns you.


    White people are blamed for everything yet:

    1) White countries are the ones allowing in minorities while many non-white countries are more on the xenophobic side.

    2) White neighborhoods are the safest but black neighborhoods, even today, are the most dangerous even though there’s little to no whites living in them. I used to live in one, I know.

    3) White people get arrested and/or their lives ruined for just a tiny bit of aggression towards a minority yet blatant racism towards them is widely accepted.

    4) White people ended the Trans-Atlantic slave trades and most whites didn’t own slaves at all. What most won’t tell you is that the people who brought slaves to America are Jewish and the first slave-owner in America was a black man (look it all up). Also, the Barbary slave trades make the Trans-Atlantic look like kiddy stuff and even whites were slaves. Honestly, I could go on and on with this but do your own research. I also may be stirring up controversy with the last one even though I’m barely white myself.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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