Who all is keeping up with the Streamlabs fiasco?

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      If you’re not aware, Streamlabs just found themselves in the middle of a mega shit storm, being called out by other streaming software/hardware companies. I’ll try to give a TL;DR (and include original links):

      Originally they were called out by another streaming platform called Lightstream, for basically ripping them off. Streamlabs response to this was.. oof lol. Elgato chimed in with how Streamlabs copied the stream deck software (not hardware as far as I know), and OG OBS came in and dropped a bomb on them.

      Screenshot 2021-11-17 185853
      Screenshot 2021-11-17 185915

      It ended up getting so much backlash it prompted Streamlabs to drop OBS from their name.

      Screenshot 2021-11-17 190100

      Oh and they also ripped off a YouTuber/streamer I watch named Mort Mort too.
      Screenshot 2021-11-17 191015

      This is quite the juicy drama in the gaming world lol.


      I’ve only used OBS, and never had interest on streamlabs until now with YT removing the dislike counter, thank you @WeareChaoS for sharing this, I’ll look for another alternative to support G+G and other content creators beside SC and streamlabs.

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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