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    My Halloween Karaoke song






    I have seen people use AI to have John Lennon sing more modern songs. There is also AI used to make Hank Hill sing a bunch of country songs.

    Can’t believe the Fall Guy Theme song is out there. I vaguely, just barely, have any recollection of this one. Between The Fall Guy and The Six Million Dollar Man, the actor Lee Majors is kind of an unknown icon of that era. He also did Gunsmoke and The Virginian. I have a relative who was a big fan of The Virginian, but I never saw it. 70s was Bionic Man and 80s was Fall Guy. That alone is a solid career.


    As much as I love this song, I find it scary how accurate the video is regarding what’s going on today😨.




    Came to me on my night walk. A Christian band’s attempt at Nu-Metal that was pretty good. I like the notion that they turned the Battle of the Bands into a battle for souls. Got one more in the pipeline after this. There were not many.





Viewing 15 posts - 361 through 375 (of 393 total)
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