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    Just joined G&G today. I wasn’t expecting to find a music section. Looking forward to talking with everyone about music. My musical tastes range from classic rock, thrash metal, nu-metal, grindcore, death metal, basically if its got a good beat, good guitars, and lyrics you can understand, I am all in. I have a small vinyl collection consisting mostly of bootlegs and rarities.

    Currently, I have been listening to the following:

    AC/DC – Power Up

    Devildriver – Dealing with Demons Vol. 1

    Mr. Bungle – The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny

    And once payday happens this Friday I am ordering the boxset for Fraternity. It was the band that Bon Scott was in prior to AC/DC. Looking forward to hearing some lost recordings of his.

    I am seriously looking forward to this Covid-19 BS to end. Just about every one of the bands I listen to have albums ready for release. And I would kill for a live concert at this point. I use to go to dozens of shows a year. My last concert was Tool right at the start of the Pandemic.

    Happy to be here. I look forward to making some audiophile friends.



    this is my jam right now  x)


    Blond Redhead
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Pearl Jam (the older stuff)
    Jose Gonzales
    The Knife
    Arcade Fire
    Nine Inch Nails
    The Wombats


    There’s a lot of music I listen to some are the chillhop music country music hip hop but my number 1 favorite music is from Tim McDonald


    Avenged Sevenfold. They started as a metalcore band, but their sound is varying with every new album, although they have always been true to metal. Their album Nightmare is probably my favorite album of all time with the ending song Save Me being an 11 minute masterpiece.








    Since Gary played him on Friday Night Tights, I’ve been listening to alot of Tom MacDonald.
    He takes me right back to when Eminem still has balls and is more real then he ever was.
    His social commentary is right on point but I think this is my favorite of his songs.

    His girlfriend has a completely different style and doesnt attack the issues he does but she’s damn good to.



    I listen to underground hip hop. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of King Iso and Rittz. Both of them are fast rappers and very lyrical but their flow and cadence is insane. The way they are able to ride a beat. I like Tech N9ne. I’m also into horrorcore rap. Madd Maxxx is one of my favorite horrorcore rappers. His albums are absolutely nuts and I listen to Reel Wolf. They’ve released a lot of insane hip hop. I’m a huge fan of D12 and old school Eminem. G-Mo Skee is a another one I’m into. I like Tom Macdonald especially that collab album he did with Madchild, Killing the Neighbors. I like to browse through Spotify listening to different artists.

    One of my favorite songs from King Iso.

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    No more Daft Punk albums… :(

    They ended their career yesterday.



    They’ve been at it for a long time. I dont blame them for hanging it up.


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