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    Tim be like:

    I’m bleu, da ba dee da ba di..



      Time was proven last night and the last 2+ weeks.

      He platformed her, He signal boosted her, He is letting out the puff piece but by bit despite his criticizing The Twitter files for doing the same thing,  He SCREAMS FREE SPEECH and yet is silent about it being done, He has by his silence knowingly continued the drama for HIS FINANCIAL GAIN. Yes he is making money off it and he seen it in the past so he knew it would bring him more money.

      I dont need to be hit in the head with a baseball bat to call balls and strikes and he is OUT and Ejected.


        This is an interesting case if you try to look at it from the outside.  It seems to me that on the radical left side they will circle wagons and protect anyone on their team in spite of almost ANY wrongdoing.  The amount to which they will defend such a person is relative to how much power they wield.  This is why their goverment officials can literally do no wrong.

        On the non-radical left side of the house folks like Eliza Bleu whom are found to be fake, nasty and possibly immoral are not defended but “investigated” and shown to be whom they are for what they are.

        The radical left retreats to darkness in it’s defense, most everyone else exposes the bad to the light.

        Stark difference in reaction.


        Epic backtrack by Timbo…


          I have told many people…. This is just more of him Grifting and Playing a situation to benefit his Pocket book. Dude shit on his audience and is now trying to play them for more money. I do not trust him, will not trust him and sure as hell will never give him another view let alone money.

          This aint his first rodeo, where as I can and do forgive people when they make honest mistakes and learn from it and move on and dont do it again. I can see the game he is playing and those who still trust and follow him are in for it again… WANT to start seeing some redemption, READ EVER FUCKING SINGLE SUPERCHAT That has been thrown at you the last 2 weeks LIVE by yourself no one else on the stream to distract and answer them each and every one.

        Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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