Who is the Best Star Wars character?


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    I know there’s already a “worst star wars character” topic, but now I wanna do a best star wars character. Who’s your favorite character? It can be from Legends, Disney canon, originals, prequels, sequels, anything. Choose a character. Mine is Anakin


      1. Anakin Skywalker

      2. Darth Maul

      3. Darth Vader

      4. Count Dooku

      5. Qui Gon Jinn

      6. Yoda

      7. Obi Wan Kenobi

      8. Luke Skywalker

      9. R2D2

      10. Han Solo



      I’m going to go with Revan.

      He led Jedi to defeat the Mandalorians. He then returned as a Sith and nearly toppled the Republic, then he turns back to the light and saves the Republic. Not many Star Wars characters have accomplishments on Revan’s scale.


      This is a difficult question to answer because there are a lot of well written Star Wars characters from the original trilogy and the prequel era. I’d say I am very impressed with Darth Maul because his lightsaber is badass (better than Kylo Ren’s lightsaber) and his lightsaber dueling skills are very impressive. The acrobatics he uses and his tactics for defeating his enemies. And I just find it very impressive how much of an impression he made on the Star Wars fandom. As you know Darth Maul first appeared in the The Phantom Menace and he wasn’t even in the movie that much. He only talked in one small scene in the movie. He made more of an impact on people than Kylo Ren ever did. And he didn’t really have to do much but fight Qui gon jinn and Obi wan in Phantom Menace. That battle was epic. Best part of the whole movie.


      Why I choose Anakin: In my opinion, I feel like he’s the most developed character in the entire Star Wars universe. From a slave boy on Tatooine, to a Jedi, then Sith. His story just feels meaningful and emotional. Palpatine got him into thinking he could save Padme. He convinced Anakin to turn to the Dark Side, by using his only weakness: Padme. After Anakin became Vader, he was stuck in a black hole for 23 years. Anakin came back for like a minute or two in the comics, but immediately went back to Vader. The thing that I find really interesting about Anakin is his identity crisis as Anakin and Vader. Similar to Revan, he has two sides: Anakin and Vader. When someone calls him Anakin, he immediately gets enraged. Because Anakin is dead. Vader is here. When he says Anakin is dead, this really shows his commitment to the Dark Side and his master. Palpatine twisted Anakin’s mind to thinking he’s Vader. When he executed Order 66, he thought he was killing all those younglings and Jedi to save Padme.  This shows he really loved her, but did all those terrible things to “save” Padme.


      Another reason why I say Anakin is so special is because of the way he is. Being the Chosen One, having the potential to becoming the most powerful Jedi ever, and having a midi-chlorian count higher than any Jedi. He truly is special.

      He had no father. The council didn’t trust him. All the Jedi disregarded him. They never accepted him for who he truly is. They were very strict and political with their teachings, which led to the downfall of Anakin becoming Vader, the Jedi Order, and the Republic.

      And that’s why Revenge of the Sith is my favorite Star Wars movie. It’a all about Anakin. It’s why I got into Star Wars. The main character in the Skywalker Saga has gone through 46 years of pain, suffering, and loss (I say the Skywalker Saga as 1-6, not 1-9).

      Conclusion: Anakin is my most favorite and best character in all of Star Wars.


        I agree the prequels do a good job at showing his progression too. Unlike Wonder Rey he actually lost his first fight. Dooku cut off his arm. Then in Revenge of the Sith Anakin was more powerful and skilled and killed Dooku.


        My personal top 10

        1. Darth Vader

        2. Luke Skywalker

        3. Obi Wan

        4. Anakin Skywalker

        5. Ashoka Tano

        6. Darth Maul

        7. Palpatine

        8. Yoda

        9. Han Solo

        10. Captain Rex




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        Posted this list to a rat franchise page yesterday to cause them pain. It worked well. They lost their shit.
        1: Mara Jade Skywalker.
        2: Jedi Leia.
        3: Jaina Solo.
        4: Luke Skywalker.
        5: Sabba Sabbatine.
        6: Han & Obiwan are basically tied.
        7: Anakin / Vader
        8: Chewie.
        9: ORIGIONAL Thrawn not that watered down rat version.
        10: Corran Horn.

        Honorable mention have to be ben Skywalker & his Sith girlfriend Vestara. I really wanted to see where that went to connect the book canon with the comic canon.


        My tied-for-1st list is Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jango Fett, & General Grievous. Each are awesome characters & follows a good, neutral, & evil order

        In 4th it’s Wedge Antilles. The badass pilot that deserves recognition.

        After that & in no particular order it goes

        Satine Kryze(all we are saying…is give peace a chance)

        Captain Rex because how could he not be a favorite after all we’ve seen of him

        Mara Jade(sexy-ass red head is all I’m gonna say for her)

        Luke Skywalker(OT & EU only, none of that  bastardized “Jake Skywalker” sequel trilogy trash)

        Darth Vader I mean, he’s the greatest film villain, if not greatest villain in general, of all time for a reason.

        And obviously all the other great characters like Leia, Han, Yoda, etc. are worthy of the title “best Star Wars” characters but the ones in bold are my favorites for various reasons.


        I am bias so Your all going to know who I am going to say.



          My favorite character’s Anakin, so he’ll always get the top spot for me, other best characters for me are Ahsoka, Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie, C3PO, and of course R2D2


          It has to be Anakin/Vader. The real Skywalker saga (episodes 1-6) was his story from childhood to his making the ultimate sacrifice.


          For me it’s Han Solo. His arc from the cynical smuggler in Star Wars, willing to give his life to save Leia and Chewie in Empire, to willing to give up his great love Leia to Luke when she said she loved him om Jedi. That’s a fantastic arc.

          Of course also Luke, the classic hero, is also great. He was certainly my favorite in the 80s. But now I think there isn’t as much depth to his arc, apart from the classic hero’s journey. The movies wouldn’t work without him, that’s for sure, and he is a great hero, no doubt about it. But Han Solo is more of a complex individual that has an arc that I feel is more than the hero’s journey or the thief with the heart of gold. His arc is more through his own wishes to change without outside influence (apart from his love for Leia.)

          Regarding Anakin, I have always felt that he was too whiny in the prequels, but him finally defeating Darth Vader at the end of Jedi was epic. David Prowse’s acting through the mask and suit was amazing (his acting in the OT is probably the most underrated aspect of the movies). Of course the fantastic James Earl Jones did one of the all time greatest voice acting IMO.

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          Anakin and Luke Skywalker are the greatest  hard to choose one. I did not like his brother Jake Skywalker in the last jedi. He was like that weird sad uncle who gets drunk at every family event


            HAHAHAHA! I didn’t know Vader had triplets

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