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    Kylo Ren is the worst sith in my opinion. They should have sidelined him after the Force Awakens and brought in a new sith lord in the Last Jedi. One that would be more of a threat to Rey and a challenge. The Last Jedi could have been so much better. I been thinking a lot about what they could’ve done with it and Rise of Skywalker. How they could’ve made Rey a more interesting character and the back story they could’ve given her. And what they could’ve done with a new sith lord character. Instead they kept Kylo as the main villain and brought Sidious back. Bad decisions.


    We all know it’s Rose Tico.


    I think it’s Rey. She was able to beat a trained Kylo REN with no training. Keep in mind I don’t care that she is a girl. Nah if she was trained and beat kylo ren than it would be a little better. Honestly tho Disney killed Star Wars. They can try and fix it by using Episode 10 screen crawl By saying Luke had a terrible dream also known as the Sequels.


    Not Rey.  She’s a literal god!!9c8e3ff183ac1074680b95054b531b93




    Rose. Without a question. I found her way more annoying than Jar Jar Binks. She contributed nothing, while Jar Jar helped Qui Gon and Obi-Wan in the Phantom Menace, and contributed to the Republic. Rose is a character that’s there for no reason, and just ruins Finn’s character arc. Hell, I wish it was Rose’s sister that was the side character. She did WAY more than Rose. Sacrificing herself to save a bunch of horses (sorry I forgot what she sacrificed herself for). That’s a true Resistance hero. She could’ve done a lot more. Too bad she was killed off too early and was just wasted and replaced with her sister that does nothing.


    Holdo. Rose was a strong contenter, but she did not diminish my enjoyment of space battles for the future. That kamikaze run broke star wars on a fundamental level.


      It might be the Martez sisters.


      Hondo, Holdo, Rose, Jar Jar, BB8 all garbage characters.


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        Rey because she has no character arc and is overall perfect. Even Jar Jar Binks had a character arc in The Phantom Menace. Heck he even had one in Attack of the Clones.


        Holdo. She’s there just to represent a woman in a position of power acting like a bully and portrait men as stupid and violent creatures.



        Next question.


        Admiral menopause


        Agreed. That bullshit invalidated any previous battle.

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