Who Is The Worst Star Wars Character

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    Its a tie between BB-8, and everyone else Disney created.


      I have a porg! The Last Jedi’s at the bottom of my Star Wars list, but if it wasn’t for cute porgs I’d’ve left the cinema in a mega tantrum.

      Porgs are not dumb, and neither is cute soccer ball looking BB8, and DisneySuckesBalls how could you dislike Baby Yoda??!!!! He’s so cuuuuteeee!!!!!


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        Back before The Last Jedi came out and Disney were pushing porgs heavily in their advertising I found them really annoying and was hoping that they wouldn’t actually be included much in the film. Then when  I actually saw it I thought they weren’t that bad while almost everything else about it was garbage.


        None of you better say Jar Jar


        Jar Jar (just kidding)

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        in my opinion the worst character in Star Wars is definitely without a doubt, Rey. she started off good. I actually WANTED to like her from TFA on forward. then her first ever lightsaber fight happened. from then on I couldn’t be even a tiny bit invested in her character.


        why would they say Jar Jar when they have Rose Tico and Rey? at least Jar Jar was a bit funny and is STILL one of the greatest characters in all Star Wars history. in my opinion at least.


        you’re lucky Sam Jackson ain’t here. or he’d shoot you mother effing ass to mars


        Rose Tico


          Yup, porgs were the best part of The Last Jedi, unfortunayely when the only thing thats going for a movie are cute animals that’s not a good sighn for the movie. Other examples inclued Goose in Captain Marvel


          Alright that is awesome in all the right ways!  And horrible because well Rey is by far the worst character in SW.  Her and Admiral Gender studies.


          Jar Jar serves a purpose at least.  His character flaws and open ended Sith Theories make me not hate him like I did once upon a time.



          Rey, Rose, and Holdo are the best choices by far. I can never choose which I like least.


          Never been a fan of that little rat asshole that hung out with Jabba.

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