Who is your favorite basketball player and why?

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      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Rules </p>

      1. The player could be from any era.
      2. Any position PG,SG,SF,PF or C.
      3. Any team.
      4. 1 Honorable Mention

      <p style=”text-align: left;”>My favorite player is and would always be</p>
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Michael Jordan SG/SF Chicago Bulls whenever I saw him play i always tought he was going to win he just gave that type of aura that killer instinct I always knew he was like that but after watchjng the Last Dance oh boy the best of the best.Tied for best trash talker.</p>
      My honorable mention is

      Larry Byrd SG/SF Boston Celtics man that guy could do anything  finish at the rim and shoot it well from deep. Tied for best trash talker.

      Everybody wanted to be like Mike I wanted to fly like Mike and shoot it like Byrd.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Shawn Kemp. Dude didn’t take shit from nobody and could dunk better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Having Gary Peyton with him to feed him the rock was a pretty amazing duo. Miss the sonics…</p>

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      Tim Duncan
      Stoic, humble, a quiet leader. Championship rings for every finger on one hand.
      And he had a sick bank shot. Not enough credit for players who can utilize the backboard.

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      John Stockton is the last NBA player to record 1,000 or more Assists in a Season, way back in 95. There have only been nine 1,000 assists in a season, seven by Stockton.

      Chris Paul is the Active Leader in Career Assists. He trails Stockton by 7,098 Assists for #1. If he plays for 7 more years and averages 1,000 Assists a season he still would not get to #1.

      John Stockton is the last NBA player to record 250 or more Steals in a Season, way back in 89. It has been 29 season since a player broke 250. Prior to that 88-89 season, there were 15 NBA seasons where Steals were a Stat, 6 players broke 250 steals, including 5 different players. So in the NBA, in total, 7 times 250 steals in a season has been done by 6 different players, but none since 1989.

      Chris Paul is the Active Leader in Career Steals. He trails Stockton by 1,257 Steals for #1. If he plays for 5 more years and averages 250 Steals a Season he still would not get to #1.


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      I would have to say Micheal Jordan.


      He was the first to bring non-basketball fans talking about basketball big time.

      He was non-political, and left his talking on the court.

      He made a brand on and off the court, with his AirJordan’s, etc.


      Would I buy an Air Jordan product, Yes.

      Would I buy a Kobe, or Curry, or any current player, hell no.

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