Who was your Star Wars romance in SWTOR

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    So everyone who has played Star Wars the Old Republic the game who was you romance in your playthroughs?

    Mine were:

    1. Elara Dorne (Something about a beautiful woman in white Plastiod armor that kinda turns me on)

    2. Jaesa can’t remember her last name

    3. Lana Beniko (Something about beautiful blonde Sith women that kinda turns me on)

    4. Mako (The brunette companion customization specifically of her character)

    5. Kira Carson

    and I can’t remember the rest because it has been a long time since I played

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    I’m team Lana, myself. Having had a major role in nearly every expansion since launch, she’s had more time to develop as a character and romance than pretty much any other companion. The progression feels more natural being spaced out over multiple stories, as opposed to being crammed into a couple of hours of gameplay.




    Lana is a major sith hottie 😀❤️❤️


    All of them. I did play throughs on all 8 characters/classes. Republic and Sith sides both. I played SWTOR to death, daily for years because I had no money and was in hard times. Haven’t touched in in 5 years now though. I want to come back but so much has changed I think I would be lost.

    But, I was partial to Jaesa and Kaliyo. : )

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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