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    Adam just finally told his story about why Adam was fired from Timcast.


      I watched most of the meat of the story.  Essentially it appears it was about Lydia who appears to be very self-righteous but has no problem throwing herself at people trying to get ahead.  That comes from Adam’s side mind you.  But to be honest I believe him.  I don’t think Tim is a bad guy he was just manipulated.  Overall the story is about flawed people doing flawed things.  Which is basically all our stories.

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      I believe in Adam, too. And I know it’s coming in Adam’s side. Fair point that Tim isn’t a bad guy. I can’t deny Tim can suck at decision making and socializing. Plus, let’s not forget Lydia is like Timcast’s own version of KK except she has a hunger for Tim’s dick instead of wokeness. I got to say Tim should have gotten rid of Lydia sooner while he had the chance. I’m not going to lie there’s something wrong with Lydia.


        Nothing wrong beyond doing whatever it takes to try to get ahead.  Not to excuse her at all but it’s a fairly common affliction.  She is the lady at Church every Sunday who talks about going to Church every Sunday but everyone knows sleeps around with all the town husbands.

        She will probably take whatever side or position that is advantageous for her.  I would not at all be shocked if she later on went hard left not because she believes it but because it’s a way to make a living or be popular.


          Tim is on now talking about his version of the story.  Seems like some miscommunications and some unfortunate business stuff getting in the way of a friendship.

          However, it appears someone is lying about some details?  Does it really matter, maybe.  But Tim is claiming he never fired Adam and of course Adam says he was fired.

          I really just wanted to personally know what happened because I watched it all unfold through their shows but it’s just turning into drama at this point which I really don’t care to see.

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            After watching both streams.  It seems like just some crap happened and people got feelings hurt and allowed it to get out of hand.  I think this happened on both sides.  Ironically I personally think if they would just talk they would be friends again.


              I kind of disagree with some assessments.

              I have watched Adam since he was on Tim Pool, and then by himself. I watch him nearly daily still. I have seen his humblness and his good attitude. I realize there are “sides”, but I am more inclined to see Adams view simply because of seeing him over the years and how his actions speak volumes about who he is. I really don’t think Adam would have moved all the way out there just to quit the show months later. Adam waited ALL this time to even really say anything about it too. Being fired is not “miscommunication”, but I wager his removal from the show was all gone about wrong and in an unprofessional way since the place seems like a circus to me.

              I think Tim has an ego, he likes to be in control, and doesn’t want anyone who questions things, etc. Adam questions things and isn’t egotistical. Let’s not forget Tim also sent Jeremy from The Quartering home for stupid reasons too. I have observed Tim over the years to, and know for a fact he has some issues that could create drama and hurt feelings. When Adam said that Tim liked to be the smartest guy in the room, I agreed because I’ve seen it on the show. He probably got pussy whipped for a while with Lydia too. From the sounds of it, the cast castle house was a big drama circus. Tim being in charge, that makes it his fault.

              Not, Tim isn’t a bad guy, but he could make some improvements and shove the ego and control issues down a notch.



                I think they are both at fault to be honest and each because of their personal failings.  Tim is an overbearing d!ck at times but he does care about his friends.  Adam is genuine and legit but I believe somewhat overly sensitive.   Bad friend combo right?  One can be an a-hole and the other is sensitive.  But I still think they can be good friends if they just stopped the dang internet drama and talked.  I personally would love to see that.

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