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    Main reason I was drawn to G & G was a video I watched where Jeremy and others talked about how it okay to disagree or have different opinions. I was talking to a work colleague last year and, before he mentioned he always voted conservative in federal elections, shoulder checked to make sure no one was nearby. That got me to thinking: when did it become not okay to discuss whom you voted for without fear of being accused of being a racist, bigot, or supporter of hate. Why do promote the importance of everyone voting, but then criticize people for not a voting a certain way? I think we should be able share opinions and disagree with each other respectfully.


      Blame the media. They have done all the damage in creating this division, they go unchecked and need to be reigned in. We had 4 years of lies, misinformation, and attacks. We had mass hysteria in our streets for a lot of those 4 years, but it was somehow ok because they fit the narrative the media was promoting. Even though it was utterly hypocritical. And now, it’s even worse because the people in our government want to promote it all even more. Everything they do is about division now. Even math is somehow “white supremist” now. We have lunatics running our country, and our media.

      People can get along, it’s a CHOICE. But, until they get off social media (meaning stop with the vile insults and childish garbage people post towards one another because they are behind a keyboard) and start investigating things and using critical thinking, they wont. I make a choice to be civil. I make a choice to try and get along and find commonalities, because we all have them. I also make a choice to not participate in the twitter mob mentality, partly because those people wont listen to reason no matter what.


      We have seen how those on the center, and those on the right are more than willing and able to share, listen, discuss, everyone’s points of view/opinions.

      Sadly, when you have a section of the population (leftists) who refuse and no longer believe that part of a free and open democratic republic is free speech, multiple views and opinions, open debates, etc… well that leads to tyranny/dictatorship.

      The education system is failing to teach students to have an open mind.  They instead are brainwashing them to HATE their country, HATE the pigment on their skin, HATE their biological sex, HATE religion, HATE male role models, HATE their family (mothers and fathers), HATE democracy, HATE freedom, HATE people with other skin pigmentation, HATE heterosexual people, HATE the past, HATE the constitution, HATE…

      Post-secondary has become a propaganda institute, where only one side’s opinions are allowed.  And if you write a report, essay, etc. in anything BUT a leftist side, you get a failing mark, even if your work is an A+.


      The “main” media is no longer an independent, neutral reporters of news.  They have become what Pravda was to the Soviets (communist party), and what the People’s Daily is to the CCP.  Instead of letting people make their own decision, they are TOLD what their opinion IS.  That is exactly what we have now.


      History has proven that people will in hindsight see great they had it only after they loss it.


      It is said it will take a generation or two to corrupt a society, and a generation of two to correct it.

      We can look at the former Soviet Union as a prime example.

      The generation that grew up within communism, even a decade after its fall, wanted to go back into to.

      While they younger generation, wanted freedom and wanted more.


      We now have a generation in the west who WANT communism, WANT their freedom taken away.

      They do not believe the evil and oppression communism is.  All they see is that they have been brainwashed into HATING what they have, and want the opposite.

      Everything that lead to the rise of oppressive regime (like the Nazis and Socialism/Communists) is happening now in the west.


      We have seen how in China, it took capitalism to bring it out of poverty.  Yet it is capitalism that is the problem?


      Equal opportunity is no longer good enough.

      An entitlement generation has come about.

      They want equal rewards without equal effort, without equal ability.


      We in the west are in a culture war.  We are seeing two ideologies that cannot co-exists.

      And freedom is at risk, and we are losing.

      As shown in Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, when Palpaltine declared The Galactic Empire is formed;

       Padmé Amidala, mused that “to thunderous applause” was “how liberty dies”.



      We had 4 years of lies, misinformation, and attacks.

      Actually the media has been doing this since at the earliest 1990. They have just gotten more brazen over it in the past 12 years.


      And it’s hard to be nice to people who are kicking you in the preverbal nuts because you have different views than them.


        Well apparently when you disagree with anyone from G&G, you get labelled an “armchair quarterback”.

        Apparently we’re not allowed to disagree with the staff on the site, or you get slandered. Pretty ironic, really.


        G+G is pretty big now man, it’s okay to disagree with some of the members. It’s normal. Don’t worry man ;) Relax.

        I also don’t agree with many stuff that happened these days in the live streams (some people even stormed out from live streams ignoring colleagues and fans but well…)

        it’s fine… Lets see how it develops from here on. One thing is certain, we should stick together not only when everything is good, but also in the bad moments.



          honestly the signs have been there for decades. education was a huge one. when i was moved to 9th grade it was a different district with ‘advanced programs’. when they tested me i was going AP on almost everything, nad it didnt make sense. i was a B student at best and while i could get the basics on anything and sound smart, i had trouble sometimes getting into complex levels. nuclear energy is an easy concept, but applying more than low tier math will make your head spin type stuff

          so i go into 9th and 10th grade, and in the ‘advanced classes’ that give college credit, they’re teaching stuff i learned in 4th. another interesting thing, my American history class. it was supposed to cover jamestown through to early civil rights. the class spent 1 day on the revolution. it spent 3 days on the settlement that seemed to have all its people vanish (alien memes abound) and it spent 3 days on the constitutional convention in very generic terms (4th grade made you memorize the preamble and bill of rights for comparison). we then spent almost 5 weeks going on about the KKK, its foundation, and the atrocities committed. i ended up with a C in the class because i was bored early on and when it went into such heavy emphasis on racism i kinda just checked out.

          high school dropout. they gave me the exit exam and i got top 1% with no studying because the top math in it was algebra, and the critical reading was like my 5th grade ‘SAT prep’ year caps, with second grade level paragraphs for all the referential information to answer the questions. GED had similar results with a top 1% score for that year with no effort. again, im not that smart, the test was that watered down. in my opinion, removing challenges removes more than just ‘some frustration’. it does make people softer and less driven. i’ll skip tom macdonald quotes though xD

          it underlines the basics though. college in my Us gov class the professor introduction spent a lot of time going over his activism for obamas elections (at texas A&M). didnt think much of it but by halfway in, even the people at my pod were a little confused that any question i answered was ‘wrong’ but someone else saying the same thing (simple stuff like how checks and balances between branches work) would be correct. by the end he would only call on me if literally nobody else was engaging the question, which happened plenty.

          it wasnt all bad, surprisingly philosophy was the best because divergent and contradicting viewpoints were encouraged when addressing cave allegories lol. but i saw the shift, and now i see the work they give my niece on occasion and cant believe the slow drip fed pace and lack of knowledge being taught. i dislike ‘conspiracy’ but theres a little too much logic and reason behind the rhetoric of ‘they’re indoctrination camps’ and im nowhere near NY or sacto for the actual racist curriculums (affinity groups) and struggle session stuff being posted around.

          to quote a jet li movie, ‘get em when they’re young, the possibilities are endless’


          (context disclaimer, im fairly socially liberal, but believe in personal responsibility and accountability. fiscally conservative, military family, i dont fit in a simple generic label like most people wont, but im overall ‘to the right of bernie’ so we know how that trope goes. simply put, when at work i know i have to self censor anytime politics comes up, because im protecting my job, and i work in the IT basement in texas…)


            in reply to hazu’s post;

            with how ‘diverse’ g+g is of late, i think its pretty obvious you’re going to disagree with someone easy. disagreements are part of life and a good thing usually. thats why censorship is bad generally. hear all ideas and option and take from the best, instead of ignoring concepts outside your comfort zone. the whole point of ‘dont expose them to it’ is dumb. its a bad idea they can reject, not radiation.

            i’ve seena  few heated debates (and been in plenty, not all political even. the string theory ‘time is self correcting’ paradox was fun, or ‘what PKD really meant’ talks) and while i cna say i probably disagree with someone like uche 80%, its not personal its jsut a different view. i can still if the time came up say hello, smile, and genuinely enjoy spending time with the group because none of them are actually bad or malicious people (saying a lot lately). i think im quoting one of the rules but it honestly is ‘argue the idea, not the person’. plenty of people can have dumb ideas, but that isnt what makes them a person any more than their sexuality or gender.

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            I just find people choose one side and then put blinders on or have tunnel vision. If you consider yourself ‘left’, it doesn’t mean you have to believe or defend every stupid action or crusade by people on your side. It also means you can recognize strengths are smart decisions made by people considered more conservative. The same goes for a conservative person. Instead of defending some clearly stupid choices by other conservatives, call a spade a spade. Too many times I see arguments between the two sides resort to playground insults of “well, he/she did it first” or “well, ___ did this which is way worse”.
            That’s why I keep my social media full of people from the full spectrum. I like to see the message that both sides are sharing.


              the concept is ‘independent thought’. it requires critical thinking..

              Tribalism is easy, gives you a group to belong to, and a team to support. it also creates unfettered irrational loyalty just like in sports. Obvious issues arise since one of those options is much more popular.

              “the ability to choose is the only real freedom anyone really ever has. use that freedom, make up your own mind”


              Tribalism is easy, gives you a group to belong to, and a team to support. it also creates unfettered irrational loyalty

              Like a biker club, a crime syndicate, mafia, a street gang, antifa, etc.

              So long as others make the call, it makes it easy for them and claim they are “not responsible for their actions”, etc.

              And it works in the political circle as well.

              Instead of looking at the policies, it is “this is my party.  I vote for them regardless.”  Thoughtless.  Brainless.  Tribal.


              Try being black, and being a conservative/libertarian during the Obama Admin.

              I got called every name in the book during that time. I remember when my politics was known to my uber leftist Aunt. She berated the hell out of me during Thanksgiving dinner I WAS HOSTING.

              The left can make people unstable.


              @Terran_the_black some of my favorite conservatives are Black. Terance Williams, The Hodge Twins, and Jole Patrick to name 4.


              I avoid talking politics with family. Tried once and didn’t went well… some even started crying :x

              But we have to realize, most people don’t have time to do research, they work 9 to 5, have family to take care of, have hobbies, have a house to clean ,etc. They just have time to read the headlines on mainstream media. And they still think all journalists are honest. They’re not up to date. That’s why they’re easy brainwashed, specially if they don’t have that critical thinking mentioned before. It’s messed up. When I was about 17 I also was a lefty… almost made a Che tattoo lol

              Then I moved, got a job and my own place and had free time to do my own research and to read books, etc. Met a few libertarians and got Red Pilled right away. :D  But i still have many hippie friends… they’re okay. The extreme ones I told them to go fk themselves. =)

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