Why did America not put their manufacturing in India instead?

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    I had a thought just now….why did Richard Nixon back in the 1970s not meet with Indian President instead of the leader of the other place to put America and the whole West’s manufacturing there? (You guys know which country I am talking about when I say the other place give you a hint; Spring Roles)

    Why did America and the whole West put their valuable and vital manufacturing into a country like the other place instead of India who unlike the other place is actually friendly with America and the whole West. Richard Nixon messed up people….I am just being truthfully honest.

    The other place is friends with Soviet Russia at the time of the 1970s and had the same kind of government as them….why would Nixon have trusted America and the whole West’s manufacturing to an ally of the Soviets who are just as bad as them if not more evil?

    If Nixon took all of America and the West’s manufacturing to India instead we might not be in the situation we are in now in today’s world? India has the same exact population as the other place and never had a one child policy which means that India probably has more people than the other place and has even more hard working people there willing to work. More potential workers and employees to do the West’s manufacturing, also if India grew as big in wealth as the other place…..India wouldn’t try to destabilize or invade the West because India is a Democracy similar to the West.

    Unlike the other place, India wouldn’t hold back the West’s medicine manufacturing or mask manufacturing unlike what the other place did during the early days of Covid.

    Why did America not think of investing into India instead of the other place, India wouldn’t try to influence Hollywood and demand Lucasfilm and Disney to cut out Finn from a Star Wars movie because Finn offended them.

    Also India wouldn’t set up a Ghandi Institutes all over the West to try to indoctrinate school children to embrace the Indian way of life and even if they did….people in America and the West would embracing actual democracy from India along with good work ethic instead of fascism and authoritarianism.

    Nixon screwed up and should’ve put the manufacturing into India, a place that is actually an ally and friend of America and the West not the friend of the school bully.

    This makes me wish I could go back in time and somehow convince Nixon to sign a deal with India instead of the other place.





    I think the belief was that if America opened up relations with China they would become less authoritarian (even though the opposite ended up happening)


    We sold out to China intentionally. It all started with NAFTA and Mexico (Clinton). Why pay American workers a decent wage when you can use slave labor in other countries so cheaply that you can make complex items abroad and have it shipped back cheaper than making it in the USA.

    And we are in India as well using their poor. Just not near as much as China. And there are other countries as well, it seems to depend on the industry involved.

    In all honesty, we should be paying a lot more for many things in this country. And if we did our economy and security would both be very solid vs. now where everything is shaky as hell.

    And all so a couple groups of folks can get super rich. Same reason for all the vaccine nonsense.

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