Why do people say Yellowstone is not woke?

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    I started watching it on the recommendation of a non-woke comedian, I see reviews and articles putting “non-woke” and “yellowstone” in the same sentence. I was like finally, I’ll get a show about country, guns and fightin’ and instead I’m getting a whole lot of really REALLY insufferable feminist lectures on the genocide of native americans while some Dylan looking white kid sits in stunned silence at how he just got wrecked by that impassioned speech from the big glasses wearing AOC looking feminists wet dream sequence.

    Whenever a Native American is on screen its just “stolen land” – “our land” – “white man” – “used to be our land” over and over and over, their characters seem to only exist to deliver those lines.

    Then every female character is just there to cut men down with their sharp tongues and show men up at everything they do with smug nonchalants. Oh I’m better than all the men here without even trying, bet you toxic males watching thought I was gonna be a weak woman but instead you’re probably sitting there with your mouth hanging open when a woman schooled you at this man thing.

    I can’t stand it. Its one thing when a character is just written to be THAT character, but this is the writing room using these characters as megaphones to shout at ME the viewer. How in the hell do people keep telling me this show is not woke?


    This was my impression of the show as well. Made it halfway through season one and was like, nahhh, I’m good. Maybe it gets better as it goes on, but eh, who has the time anymore…


    It’s probably considered “not woke” if we compare it to the rest of the modern tv shows.

    If we skip/ignore all Beth scenes, the show is quite watchable. There are conservative points and liberal points, I think when it’s made like that, it’s a good thing and I don’t complain. But if the show is just one-sided, then that’s a problem.

    But definitely, the Beth character is stupid and woke af, I’ve been waiting for them to kill her off, but so far, she just got more powerful instead.

    No woke show would have a badass scene like this:

    xD “this is ‘murica”


      As someone who watched the first three seasons I never really found the show woke, it had a few fleeting moments of it, but the show as a whole has been enjoyable. Beth was just poorly written imo, not woke. As tough and bitchy as she comes off, she is really a scared little angry girl inside and we saw that in season three.

      I have always liked Kevin Costner, and I am one of the people who happen to love Waterworld (extended cut).

      I do not really find the Native American stuff woke, for the most part, because it exists and rarely on a TV show do we see their side or things. Yes, there were a few lines spoken by Monica to her students that were on the woke side. But, she turns around and goes back to her husband who is a white man anyway. She lived in a white mans house, her husbands fathers home,  etc. So, she is a bit of a hypocrite in some ways? But, honestly, I just think she is ridiculous hot….so I guess there is that. lol.

      I haven’t watched Season 4 yet, it’s downloaded, iv’e just had too many other things to watch. And, I frankly like to watch many episodes at once, so I wait. .


      Well, its depends on what you mean by woke. Feminism and woke is not really the same thing. They are both bad, but I havent seen the show so I would need more context in order to definitely say if the show is woke or not.

      Have you watched Arcane? Did you like it? Because the way you describe woke, Arcane then can be considered also woke, and yea it has some of it there and yet it seems everyone likes it. What are other shows you like and consider not woke? So the question is, are you being consistent about wokeness in shows or you are just trying to force it into this show because you are annoyed that many people like it…


      @DarthVengeant  Monica’s screen time is so short compared with Beth’s :(((

      She’s really hot hehe there’s an episode in S4 where she wears teacher glasses, damn :D

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