Why doesn’t these YouTubers talk about Anime in their channels

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    Why doesn’t Ryan Kinel, Doomcock, 1/4 Black Garret, Critical Drinker, Gary from Nerdrotic, and Sargon of Akkad talk about Anime in their Channel like for Anime Reviews, Anime-related news videos, etc? I’m curious. Although I know Gary talks about Anime and Manga in his live streams as well as talk about Manga in his Comic Book Crisis Videos. But why doesn’t he make videos reviewing Anime, Manga, and Tokusatsu. If they wants to win their war against Hollywood, DC, and Marvel, they show entertainment that is way better than them. Also I’m interested in their thoughts.

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    Can’t really comment on the other channels, but I don’t think Sargon really watches that much anime, if any at all. He’s become much more invested in discussing mainstream politics over the last five years, which is why he keeps his channel(s) focused on current issues. I believe he stated in one of his videos he believes there are plenty of great channels already tackling the culture war in media, so he largely leaves it to them. He probably just doesn’t want to chime in on a subject he’s not very familiar with. Assume it’s the same with the others.


      I think what you are looking for is Hero Hei.



      Alex Meyers specifically said he won’t touch anime because anime fans are crazy. If you say anything the slightest bit negative the death threats start pouring in. Plus, frankly, they have bigger fish to fry.


      Because Gary and Doomcock aren’t that into anime, I believe.


      Their main focus is pop culture in the states. There are also many western comics that are not Marvel and DC which rival anime. The Indie comic scene is still very well alive.

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