Why force the Netherlands to stop farming? The Tristate City

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    I heard the government in the Netherlands wants to impose a gas tax (carbon tax) which directly effects farmers, and the machines they use for farming.  It would bankrupt most/forced to sell to big conglomerates.  Independant farmers would cease to exists.

    Then these corporations could develop the land away from agriculture.  Making a nation dependent on other nations for its food.

    And with the world logistics as bad as it is now, just think one we add having to ship in more foods from outside one’s own nation to that mix.

    We are seeing how wars in the war affect shipping/supplies.

    Ukraine only now was able to get ONE ship of wheat to leave.  Ingredients for fertilizer is in short supply.

    And this is happening all over the place.

    Remember not that long ago, we have those famer protests in India over the government wanted to force things onto farmer.

    Control the food – you control the population.  Authoritarianism.


    Here is a video someone did on this topic.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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