John Cena Bending The Knee to China is a more Significant than You Might Think

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    The CCP now has real world footage of an American “Alpha” male, groveling to this political communist party.  Otherwise known as Chicoms who run the propaganda machine there.  This is a symbol of their ever growing danger to our way of life here in the west, and will be used in their huge library of others just like him doing the same.  To ensure the enslaved people of China will never agree or conceded that Taiwan is not a country.

    That is why I think this is a much bigger deal than some folks are making it out to be.  The truth is being redacted in people’s minds, as those who would stick up for him shrug if off like no big deal.  Or that John knows it was wrong to do, but they would have broken his contract.  Yep, it makes me sick honestly.

    Then you have thousands of other people still kissing his ass, because they are left leaning thinking folk who have told me time and time again that China is not a true Communist party.  That we don’t understand and we will never get it.  It get tiresome honestly.  Both sides fighting over non sense while the CCP gains ground.  So much ground I honestly think we lost 10 years ago.  When you start to see this in the Military, that is when you know things are out of control.

    John Cena plays the role of the America Hero and Marine.  Think about that really hard what the CCP can do with that alone.

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