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    I have a bit of a curious nature when it comes to mobile games.  Why do you like mobile games?  What is it about them really that hooks you to play them?

    Maybe it is my age, or maybe it is my ego not sure.  But to me mobile games are a bane on what videos games are.  Each to their own and I don’t say this as an attack on mobile gamers.  I just wonder the mind set.   As my mind set for video games have always been time I put into the game VS what I have paid for a game.  Was the game worth 60 bucks for the time I can invest into.  The return of pleasure I get is my reward.

    I have seen a trend in mobile games that players instead of time they replace that time with money spent to get that same pleasure I would get from spending time over money.  Every mobile game I have seen is pay to win.  There is a story of a kid who played Age of Champions and spent over 20,000$ a single game that he did not even own.  They shut the game down after 14 months of being live.  That is dangerous to me and seems like something else.

    Mobile games are like a wolf in sheeps clothing.  Acting like it is a video game when in reality those things are AD machines and money printers to take advantage of a group of gamers who grew up in a new age.  Maybe I am wrong and someone here can enlighten me.

    I won’t let my son touch mobile games and he can’t convince me of any valid reason why I should let him get hooked into something I don’t trust.

    I could go into a much longer “rant” of why, but that is the base.  I hope for a fresh point of view that may enlighten me upon this new age of “games”.


    Thanks Oldiwan


    Because I don’t always want to sit and think about which 22-fingered control method I need to remember for my PC gaming. Sometimes I just want to unwind and want pure simplicity. Also I’ve had trouble setting up my PC or PS4 Pro on the train up to London. That’s frowned upon.

    Each has it’s place. And you can even get games like The Last Express and Broken Sword (1 and 2) for mobile now and they’ve ported over really nicely complete with all voice acting, music score and so on.

    Portability and relaxation, basically.

    Plus ever tried sitting having a poo whilst playing PS4?


    Mobile games are a different beast from console games (or other handheld games that you might play on the 3DS or whatnot).

    For me, mobile games are better at killing idle time especially since I play them on my phone which I always have with me. I obviously don’t lug my PS4 around with me, and while the Switch is a portable system, I’m so high-strung about damage or theft that I always keep it in its dock. A home console game is better for when I have a significant amount of time I can put aside for it.

    I am, however, extremely hesitant to pump money into mobiles, and do my best to be f2p (free to play, for those unfamiliar with the abbreviation). Some mobiles are borderline unplayable f2p, but I enjoy some mobiles that have varying degrees of friendliness to f2pers. And even then, you need a talent for patient, long-term planning to play mobile games f2p.

    I myself count myself as a happy player of Fire Emblem Heroes, Pokemon Masters, Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius War of The Visions. All four games I’ve been playing since their respective launches. Though I’ll note that War of The Visions is a still fledgling mobile and has only been around for 2-3 months.


    I will take a look into those that you suggested.   Every single game my son wants is just full of ads and I have to break his heart and tell him no way man.

    I try to explain to him BACK IN MY DAY… We only had 1-4 games  AND we liked!

    Then I am like.. Dude, I am that guy now.  FUCK ME.

    Thanks for the reply.


    Thanks for that reply fren.

    I find it to be a slippery slope on how much money they expect a man to spend on a game.  I know all about addiction first hand.  And mobile games exploit this human trait in us.  I have put heroin in my body before and I can see the same glaze in people’s eyes when they are on their mobile phones/games.

    I will admit to one guilty pleasure.  I have played and love ALL FF games.  So yeah I played Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and pumped like 25$ into the game and said okay that is it.  Found myself being like.. Well just on more GEM.  I can unlock this or that.  Then I think back to my early 20’s and am like I know this feeling.

    Gary from Nerdrotic knows about this battle.

    BTW Fire Emblem was a great game from my late Teens.  I think it was on the Sega system… kind of fuzzy.

    Thanks for your insight!


    No probs. I personally have played Star Wars : Galaxy of Heroes every single day since 2016! And despite all the gripes people have about it, that game does not have 1 single advert in it. Of course it’s “pay to win” – but you CAN make very significant progress over time without paying a single penny in real money.


    Hey if u liked FE why not try FEH (fire emblem heroes)? there are tons of F2P (free to play) guides out there if you are not planing to spend and money on the game to get the most bang for your buck try saving up orbs for mythic banners & legendary with the 5 star rates starts at 8% any other banners starts at 3% its up to you if want to jump in or not. & try to be careful around mythic & legendary banners sometimes the 8% rate is a one huge LIE just a word of precaution so you won’t get shafted like me


    I occasionally play Tomb Raider: Relic Run. That’s about it for mobile gaming.
    There was a hentai game I played for a bit but it refused to install and update at some point so I dropped it.


    For me I mainly play Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omina(DFFOO). Turn based and has characters from different FFs and the banter or interactions between the cast is nice as a fan of the series(like Zidane from FF9 flirting with most of the girls until Garnet joins then he cools down a bit on it). Also its F2P friendly so that helps. Otherwise I mostly stick to normal games.


    Yeah so far the only quality games I have found via mobile gaming are the titles you guys mentioned.  And most of the FF series games on mobile devices.

    I am a little less judgemental now with some of these thanks to the replies and thought processes shared here.   But I do stand firm on my stance that some of these thing are not games at all but like money printers.  It goes Brrrrrrrrrr!

    Which I would be okay with if they targeted adults, but many of these things are putting kids in the crosshairs.

    I don’t like to imply or tell people how to raise their kids, but just like in the 80’s and 90’s when a parent would just set their kid in front of a TV and let it become the baby sitter.  Today we have people using phones as the baby sitter and just walking away, and these things prey upon them.

    Yet at the end of the day I don’t think it has to be that dramatic or anything.  I just keep a close eye on things, and sometimes act very protective over my boy.

    I want to make sure when he gets old enough to really start to enjoy games.  He can be a “real” gamer.

    Which after listening to myself sounds a bit dickish or elitist.  But just being honest here so we can make progress with the discussion.

    Thanks for the replies here.


    I play the arena of valor moba on an iPod mini and I love that I can play a complex type of game Like a moba on my couch or anywhere I go.


    Cause sometimes you’ve got nothing else, haha. I’ve tried dozens of mobile games and dropped almost all of them. SWGOH and Marvel Strikeforce are the only ones that I’m at all serious about.


    Thanks again for the replies everyone.  This has given a pretty good insight on the mind set for gamers here.  Seems like you all have a good grasp on what it means to mobile game and why it works for your personal use on the go or on the pot or simply relaxing on ones couch.

    I was worried people had a different mind set going into this.  Everyone gave very reasonable thoughts on this.  As it seems everyone in here also is aware of the ads and money scams that many of these games push on those who don’t know any better.

    I got a very solid  list of games I would be willing to try out and give a chance to.  As the world is changing and if you can’t open yourself up to new things life can pass you by even faster.  Never wanted to be that old man that hated everything new.  I just am reserved on such things.


    There are good ones like MOBA (Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor) and battle royale (PUBG mobile, Garena Free Fire) games that are good that doesn’t use pay-2-win. But if you play games that expends on stamina/energy, that usually is a pay-2-win type game.

    I used to play the two MOBA games religiously, and then took up PUBG mobile not long after it was launched. And all games I will chase the rank. Not a great idea chasing rank if your friends are looking to play the game together for fun.


    I consider myself a mobile gamer, not as in playing mobile games but having the freedom of playing pc games everywhere, i have an unlimited data plan, and a Geforce Now Founder’s subscription, i just put my phone on my xbone controller that has a phone clip, and boom. I have Destiny 2(Steam), saints row 3(Steam), Rise of Tomb Raider(Steam), Just Cause 4(Epic), Every Single free Epic store game that is compatible. i have all of them available anywhere. up until here you could say i am a cloud gamer.

    But here is the fun part, android emulation, Everything from the atari 2600 to the SNES run flawless in modern phones, some can even play gamecube, like mine. One minute I am playing Rise of Tomb Raider at full settings, on the other I am playing Legend of Zelda: WindWaker at full speed with little hiccups here and there. i can do this while running a picture in picture Netflix show, or listening to Spotify and chatting with mates on a discord server and catching a bus or taking a piss or at the park or while in bed.

    Sure multitaking is available on laptops, but not even tablets offer this much freedom, sure i also sometimes play minecraft on my phone or MVP a game of mobile legends but my main gaming device is my phone.

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