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    kill it

    One of the things that largely gets missed in the discussion why movies suck, there’s no creativity, and the overall Hollywood culture is in part describe by their declared, and undeclared, war against traditional American, Western cultural values.

    Their mission is to demoralize our society to a great extent that will feed frustration and foment anger, regularly bombarding our senses and common sense, that is intended to weaken our moral fabric to the point we no longer have strength to resist. That’s the reason why their actions don’t make any sense to the average person because the Hollywood production companies aren’t interested in making money, but to contemptuously undermine, demolish, and eradicate any semblance of traditional Americana.

    It’s not even much of a secret, really. Look at the Disney SW Trilogy.

    In The Last Jedi, they came right out and said it, “Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to.” Of course, that line was repeatedly said by Kylo Ren. It wasn’t only for destroying George Lucas’s legacy, but an insight into the new culture Hollywood was employing and infusing into everything they can get their hands on. It was, in essence, a Declaration of War.

    Hollywood is but just one instrument in the war. It’s not just propaganda, or indoctrination, but psychological warfare. A weapon fashioned against your mind and emotions. After the constant bombardments come the land assaults and you can see it all around, if you choose to look.


    This is why we have to support new frontiers of entertainment, ie. individuals who have been kept out of the entertainment spheres or canceled from them, who have new IPs and stories to tell.

    We already have Comicsgate doing their part to give people an option outside the woke agendas of the Big 2.

    YouTube in general has become a place to watch more entertaining personalities on live streams rather than scripted television on a weekly basis. I’ll gladly give my Friday evenings to FNT each and every week rather than watch any shit TV or Streaming has to offer.

    I’m fighting to create my own and general space outside of legacy publishing, striving to create a place where ready for prime time fantasy/sci-fi novelists can present/sell their new universes to a hungry population starving for new worlds to invest their time, energy, and money into. There are a lot of us out there, we just need to put the time in on YouTube and the like creating and using our channels as promotion machines for ourselves and others like in Comicsgate. We cannot expect people to just pick up our works. We have to get out there and entertain them, earn that trust…

    ….which is what Hollywood and Western Entertainment has forgotten.

    I’ve been saying this for a while now in videos, Fans are the LIFE BLOOD of EVERYTHING! If you have their faith, their trust, they will die on a hill for you and your franchise. You earn and keep that trust by giving them good, honest escapist entertainment free of agenda.

    If we find and support people we like, we will win this fight by successfully creating the parallel entertainment sphere to Hollywood and the Streaming Services, because we are born from the fans, and we know what the fans are hungry for, because we are hungry for the same meat filled entertainment that we are being denied by Hollywood and their fucking Big Tech lackeys.


    Kylo Ren is a good example. Full of weird feelings that control him is an unmanly way to be and he turns on his parents to the dark side. At least he is portrayed as evil for doing so. Chuck Dixon was saying things about how he had no understanding of why every villain needs a back story and that some stories these days are entirely about the villain as protagonist. In the below Jay Dyer video, Jay says that pop culture and Hollywood are the main ways by which society is trying to be lured into the trap of pleasure-seeking and pleasure first, as opposed to doing what is right and true and honorable for the bigger picture. Although I pay attention to this stuff, I do not view shows and movies much at all anymore. I prefer to watch videos of people who succeed on the family front and who still try to conduct themselves in a decent and civilized way.

    2nd half of below vid with Jay Dyer was hard for me to listen to.


    The OP makes a great point about being cut off from the past. If that cannot be done outright, instead, you see little twists and turns and stunts with swapping genders or swapping races of characters. You see the past destroyed when people go around looking to tear down statues, tear down or replace flags and anthems, and the newest stunt is that they are scouring the country to rename streets, buildings, lakes, parks, mountains and even boats.

    This is all made possible because the rank and file student does not have an education in the first place. They say that the easiest way to get one is to read THE JUNIOR CLASSICS over and over again, and that all basic stories are contained there. I have not read all of those only because I was somewhat familiar with all the stories already. The other one though that hit me totally by surprise was what they call THE GREAT BOOKS PROGRAM. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_books There are about 500 of those books, but they narrowed it down to a 130. Scrolling down the list, I realize I have not even read 10% of the necessary books which are the foundation of western civilization. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Books_of_the_Western_World

    This is why I do not think we are going to get another Chris Claremont, who wrote the X-Men and was always putting all time great lines into the mouths of his mutant characters. Claremont went to Oxford, by the way. Naval Ravikant said to find the best  books ever written and just read them over and over and over again. I don’t know about that, but the reason Claremont is my favorite writer is that he simply made the old new again in a fun way with superheroes. Brian Herbert of DUNE did that, too. DUNE books had a robot character named Erasmus and I did not even know that Erasmus was a real historical figure because clearly, I was never really educated despite even going to college. Now, anyone can go out now and read all the books, but my point is that the formal training is no longer present in youth, when it matters.

    The roots were trimmed first, but now, as in the case of Kylo, you have the message being sent by movies to kill the past yourself and to finish it off once and for all. This is where you need to examine who is writing these characters. Who is the puppeteer? 90% of people will only see the Kylo Ren puppet and do not know that bigots who hate them are the ones controlling that marionette. The characters were get fed now were never even good in the first place. The pop sub-culture stars are filthy and smut, which is what Jay Dyer mentions in the above video. What sucks is that all of this sets up major pitfalls in a young person’s life. In a weird way, I hate to mention this, but China  and Russia are doing a better job lately at filtering and blocking sissy boys and pleasure-seeking fandom, which is a heroic thing to do, to protect people you care about from evil messages and dirty influences and stand guardian at the gateways of minds and perceptions.



    Another final point is that the generational warfare needs to end. The people who looted the country are not your parents or your parents would be wealthy, right? I like honoring the past. The people in our pasts had to toil very hard and maybe, not much has changed if we are all working 12 hours a day for five figures a year. The people who looted the nations are the ones who put out characters like Kylo Ren and movies with those dark messages.


    I will make another post regarding this, but take the time to become familiar with Thomas (Tom) Althouse at RedPillRising.org. He has similar thoughts as you do regarding the future for content creators.

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