Why movies suck – propaganda vs. entertainment

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    For me there is no surprise when something comes out and it’s woke garbage. In fact they know we know that and have resorted to trying to fool us into watching these agenda based shows and movies (thinking He-Man).

    But all of this is NOT because they are making bad entertainment. No, they are making great propaganda. They have ZERO interest in entertaining anyone. Instead they are trying to teach us (and especially our children) agenda lessons. And you know what? It appears to be working. Children are being fed a constant stream of wokeness from movies and TV shows. You cannot escape it now if you are watching anything done recently (2011 and beyond).

    So you think Dune or Ghostbusters will come out and be good? Hell no, they are just trying to fool us into watching more propaganda (although I want to be wrong on that one).

    The only thing we can do is to not pay to watch this junk so that they go broke, leave a vacuum in the market, which will be filled with companies that want actual entertainment. Hell, if someone threw together a company now and started putting out good indie movies they would make serious buck. This is happening to a degree with Christian movies I have noticed.


    Some people can sense this instinctively at a gut level. As soon as it gets preachy, that is when some people pan it. Those are people who still have their souls intact. This creepy state or globalist propaganda is worse than any Jehova’s Witness. In fact, I’d rather hand out with bible thumpers than the people who worship false idols in the dogma of political Hollywood.


    These current Hollywood people should just leave the USA and move to North Korea or the other place that is good friends with North Korea and make propaganda films there where it is part of law to brainwash your population.

    The goal of film is to entertain and get the viewer off the crap in their life not brainwash them.



    Do you go out of your way to insult religious people or does that just happen naturally? If you don’t believe that’s between you and God but there is no need to crap on other people because they do. I am sure you would be quite upset if I mocked you for not.


    Here’s my prediction with Ghostbusters, I don’t expect it to be a particularly good movie, but it’s likely going to be an improvement from the 2016 version because the fan backlash has clearly been taken into consideration by bringing back Bill Murray and co, now I’m not saying it would be free from propaganda by any stretch,  if it was made solely for propaganda they could’ve just spoon fed us a sequel to the 2016 version.


    I think we will be surprised how woke it is. Hollywood is now at the point to where they know if they show us the woke beforehand we won’t watch it so they have resorted to hiding it. Take He-Man for example. I know that’s not exactly Hollywood but that are the same circles.


    Reading comprehension is something I struggle with as well. I was not insulting religious people, but the globalist, secular dogma media corporations. If you worship entertainment companies and actors, that’s on you. I prefer traditional religion to the proselytizing of Hollywood and media, but again, reading comprehension is difficult and I misinterpret many things as well. The basic point I was making was that I prefer the real actual religion to the Hollywood version. Not being a communications major, I try to make things as simple as possible, but people hear what they want to hear.

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    I will take you at your word. And I tend to agree with what you are saying. See the thing is, no one is secular in that they have no religion. EVERYONE places faith in and or worships something. It’s just how humans are built and I believe that is intentional so that we hopefully seek God. But many times people choose other things. Like Hollywood, Media, politicians, movements etc.

    And all this woke nonsense that runs places like Hollywood, make no mistake about it. It is a religion. They have sin, they even have original sin. The one thing they lack is atonement. And that is intentional so that you are forever chasing it.

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