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    why read the manga when you can just watch the show for most of them?


    – The manga is generally the original story and an anime adaptation can leave things out (or in some cases change elements of the story or overhaul it completely. The Akira movie and manga are very different, for example).
    – The story is ahead of the anime and you don’t have to wait as long for an update.
    – In some cases the manga has a complete story where as the anime counterpart can get cancelled for numerous reasons.
    – No filler.

    Most people like checking out the original story if they’re really big fans of the show. Think of it as being similar to wanting to read the novel that inspired the film.


    – The story is ahead of the anime and you don’t have to wait as long for an update.
    – In some cases the manga has a complete story where as the anime counterpart can get cancelled for numerous reasons.




    I’ve said this in other threads where the topic comes up, but I’ll generally go to a manga after I’ve watched an anime. If the anime was good and there seems to be no chance of it getting more episodes, I’ll go to the manga to continue the story. If a manga ends well enough, and they actually decide to finish the anime down the road, I check it out usually. I did a full rewatch Naruto. I’ll watch the final Bleach Arc. I’ll go back to One Piece, probably. Maybe one day I’ll watch the final season of Fairy Tail, but considering 100 Year’s Quest is going on, that isn’t likely, because that counts as the story not being finished for me.


    If I had a choice, though, I’d always watch anime first because I do enjoy the stories actually moving, ie. fight scenes are always better animated.


    I enjoy reading.


    -Fist of all the manga is straight from the artist pen. ( no middle man ) The artwork and effort are always top notch. No second hand animation studio doing a half a$$ job, changing things, adding things or rushing the product.

    ( example 7 deadly sins. the manga has great artwork,  The first season artwork is ok, the second season has some the poorly done artwork.)

    – No filler. Manga gets straight to the point. It also often explain more and go’s into detail.


    I had a several paragraphs long post detailing various aspects of why source material (whether light novel or manga) is virtually always better than an anime adaptation, but since that got eaten by the inactivity timeout while I was AFK, I’ll just post some TL;DR summary of my thoughts:

    • The animated nature of anime means that studios with budgetary constraints will usually focus on overall animation flow, rather than focus on details on individual critical scenes.
    • The original authors/artists are usually too busy working on the continuation of the source materials to closely supervise the anime adaptation, exacerbating the next point.
    • “Show, don’t tell” is easier said than done, and anime adaptations will frequently simplify or entirely remove important expositions and plot points that are seemingly inconsequential, but are essential parts of why people love the source material as a whole.
    • The above point is further compounded by animation directors who are not especially fans of the source material and just “doing a job”, and treat the anime as merely an advertisement for the source material rather than a faithful adaptation.

    There’s a reason why fans of light novels and manga tends to have mixed feelings when they hear news that there will be an anime adaptation. Happiness that they get to see their favourite characters voiced and animated, but also dread that the anime will be a poor representation of the source material.


    Books usually do a better job of telling the story anyway. Reading is also good for your higher brain function. Anime is fun and entertaining, but reading it for yourself will always be superior on that basic level.


    I usually prefer anime but the adaptation, especially in long running shows, can be horrible and have pacing issues like Naruto or One Piece. Or in the worst case, go completely off rail like FMA.


      Manga don’t have the same age rating standards in japan as anime, and anime sometimes have to be toned down compared to the manga, especially if they want to show it at prime time or so.


      Everyone is different. I prefer watching but I enjoy and appreciate the Manga.

      Typically if you’re a hardcore fan of an anime, you’ll own the Manga.


      Some people prefer Manga, other people prefer Anime, I enjoy both of them.


        I also prefer watching, but if I really like the anime I’ll rush to get the manga, I especially like it when manga and anime aren’t exactly the same

        Fullmetal Alchemists, Code Geass, and Demon Slayer I started the manga as soon as I finished the anime, and I’ve really enjoyed both so far

        But then also, Detective Conan I love the anime but didn’t really get into the manga, and My Roommate Is A Cat I really like the manga but wasn’t that into the anime

        In the end it’s all about personal taste


        1. Reading is fundamental and a great way to keep your mind sharp.

        2. What if your electricity goes out.

        3. If you ever read Fist of the North Star then saw that chopped up movie they released in America you would know why!!


        Sometimes the anime is better (Outlaw Star, Ghost in the Shell, etc.) but other times the manga is superior (Dragon Ball, Akira, Seven Deadly Sins, One-Punch Man, etc.). It all depends on what we’re talking about.


        Because not everything from the manga is going to be in the anime. And in anime, it’s usually toned down sometimes. Plus, in Japan, manga doesn’t even have a rating system like the US does. I own manga that’s actually from Japan itself to confirm this.

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