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    Here is an article I found from fandom:


    It is beyond stupid. It’s basically saying that Abby and Joel are the same character. They are both buff killers. And they adopt a young child for their journey. So everyone liked Joel so everyone should like Abby. It’s so obvious guys! Even Troy Baker reinforces this crazy idea. Please check out this article and let me know what you think. Do you like Abby after reading it? I sure don’t.


      Im not going to waste my time reading that bullshit.


        People interpret things different ways.
        Not gonna read the article because I dont care (I dont even like the first game) but as long as they arent calling people racist, sexist and shit, I respect their right to have an opinion.
        My interest in Abby is the memes that have came out.
        I can understand the disappointment, though.
        If Batman died in the first 2 hours of a game and Robin let The Joker go at the end, I’d be pretty pissed.

        • Mainstream gaming journalists: “Hurr hurr, with TLOU2, gaming has grown up.”
        • Gamers who are not impressed: “Why should I care about games where beloved characters are killed off like dogs, then have to play as their killers, all while being slapped in the face repeatedly with obvious emotional manipulation?”
        • Fanboy apologists: “Well acktually, here are some superficial and blatantly forced parallels between an older character you loved and the new character you hate, therefore you should love the new character and new game too!”

        I bet nobody could ever guess that the apologist article contains the phrase “subverts our expectations”! Truly The Last Jedi of Us, Season 8!


        I don’t hate a fictional character. I hate the game studio and I’ll never buy anything they sell. Even if I were bleeding to death and they were selling first aid kits I wouldn’t buy it from them. A studio that created such a monstrosity that is so ugly and awful in every way and they push her as something that’s stunning and brave – the character is a window into the collective souls of that studio.


          I actually loved the character, and no you can’t change my mind on that.

          Does that make you angry? Then it’s time for some self reflection.

          No I don’t mean you have to like the character, but if other people liking her makes you angry then you got issues.

          And I’m not alone in liking the character and the game. So everyone who has contributed to dragging the game through the mud, trying to cancel it, are actively working on ruining other people’s fun. It’s not a very nice thing to do.

          What is so hard about just skipping the game? You don’t try to cancel every game you don’t want to play. What would the world come to?


          It’s impossible to love something like that. It’s even questionable her own mother could love her. Maybe no one loves you and you feel a connection.

          Abby at least wasn’t born that way. It’s a character invented for a political purpose to revolutionize the direction of video games at the expense of fun and aesthetics. Maybe the wet dream fantasy isn’t about Abby at all, but the thought of those who were fans of the franchise being disappointed because they deserve with with their “white male privilege.”

          Please explain what there is to like about Abby if I’m incorrect.


          The title of the article should be, “why having herpes is fun”. It would have the same effect


          OK I just read it.

          I need a shower.


          I hate Abby.  Sue me.


            The Last of Us 2 was set up to be a slam dunk win.

            And they screwed it up.

            I business there is a thing called a “Cash Cow.”  This is something you make all your money off of.  Something you seldom mess with.  Liberals need to take more business classes because they have slaughtered a lot of their cash cows for the sake of their leftist agendas.  Look at Star Wars for example.  I am sure Disney would like the $2 billion they have lost on the sequel trilogy right now.


              You are simply being bigoted, and I Don’t use that word lightly with the woke overusing it, but in this case it very much applies.

              You assume every gamer has the same taste as you.
              I actually prefer this “aesthetic” over the run of the mill baby doll look.
              Yes, I prefer muscular women over twig figures whose arms and legs have zero shape.

              In fact I was hoping she would be a playable character since the first trailer where she was revealed years ago. So when I got control of her in Seattle I instantly knew there would be more.

              And the leaks meant that by the time I played the game the shock value of killing Joel was completely lost on me. I knew exactly what to expect, so I had over a month to come to terms with it. Besides I thought Joel was a selfish prick for lying to Ellie about what happened. He had no reason to other than to save face.  So his death didn’t affect me. To think it was a political message is beyond ridiculous.

              Anyone who thinks a hundred million dollar game is made with the sole purpose of sending them a political message have seriously overinflated egos.
              I’m a white straight male, and I never felt that the game is attacking me for that. Not for one second.

              The gameplay with Abby is some of the best I’ve had this generation, and to think a bunch of whining fanboys would want to simply remove it because “we don’t like it” makes me furious.

              Well get over yourself, there are plenty of people who like it,  you are not arbiters of what is good or bad. You can dislike it all you want, but you have no right to try and cancel the game, or the creators, or anyone for liking it.



              There are definitely intentional parallels made between Abby and Joel much like there are parallels made between Abby and Ellie. Abby has already been through the arc that Ellie is currently on and Abby does become the Joel for Lev. Abby’s gameplay even mirrors Joel’s to drive that point home. People are free to dislike any character they want, but I thought Abby was a fantastic character and a welcomed new addition to the game.


              Abby doesn’t add much to TLOU2 or her group.  Ellie and Joel never should’ve been treated that way in the second game.


              nice attempt on the bait my boy

              try harder

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