Will capcom remake/remaster it’s monster hunter series?

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    Now monster hunter is capcom’s big success compared to the sales of other games. Monster hunter , a game where you hunt monsters (very self-explanatory) has been having alot of tittles throughout the years. Since 2004 I do believe that the first monster hunter game came out on playstation. Now I can’t get my hands on this game currently but from what I heard was this game used to have alot of good content made for online use only, you see this game was made for a majority online use in mind (you can still play the game offline but can’t access the online quests). Also you can attack by using the right analog stick. Wow. Hunting sounded alot harder back then.

    Now over the years they’ve released plenty of monster hunter games. From spin offs to main series tittles to portable games. However not all have been released to the west. Some games didn’t even make it pass localisation.

    Now here is a list of games they have released in the west(only main series/portable games/expansions):

    *monster hunter

    *monster hunter portable /freedom

    *monster hunter freedom 2

    *monster hunter freedom unite

    *monster hunter tri

    *monster hunter 3 ultimate

    *monster hunter 4 ultimate

    *monster hunter generations

    *Monster hunter world

    *monster hunter generations ultimate

    *Monster hunter world: iceborne

    *monster hunter rise

    Now that’s alot of games and expansion packs released over the years in the west . My question is will capcom remake some of these older games for the current platforms?

    Now to be honest the only thing they can remake from some of the older games is possibly the areas and make it open world, new monster hd assets(many of the monsters from 5th gen monster hunter have brand new HD assets and have much more detail than compared to the previous tittles) and possibly change the controls.

    Other than that I don’t see any way that capcom should change every thing in the old games.

    Monster hunter (the original ) didn’t have its expansion released in the west. However if they decided to remake the first monster hunter (which could include many of the online missions also available for single player play) they will have to remake it’s ultimate version . Since it was made for Sony only, it could be a Sony exclusive. It could be made for ps4/ps5 depending on the time they make a remake though.

    When it comes to monster hunter dos2 (a monster hunter game not released in the west) a expansion/dlc g-rank (the strongest rank in main/portable series) was not created at all. This is also for playstation.

    Monster hunter tri and 3 ultimate was released on nintendo where has the previous tittles have been released on Sony playstation and psp. This version could be remade for nintendo switch .

    Monster hunter 4 ultimate could get a remake too and also be released on nintendo switch.

    No need to remake world and iceborne(it’s currently current gen material and seems like it will be next gen material for quite some time, possibly a few decades even)

    Now let’s talk about portables:

    Monster hunter freedom, monster hunter freedom 2/ freedom unite are perfect monster hunter games. Infact freedom unite seems like a perfect monster hunter dos ultimate version. Monster hunter portable 3rd has not been localised for the west. This 3rd gen game was the last monster hunter game to be on a psp.

    These tittles sound fun, however Sony doesn’t have a new portable out. Do I think Sony will have a portable? Possibly. It’s goof to be optimistic. The psp was one of sony’s greatest success. The psvita could have been something but it didn’t make it that far, the specs back then for the psvita seemed pretty far ahead of its time. If Sony makes a new portable,  they could bring back these games . Even release portable 3rd for the west.

    What about generations and generations ultimate. Well generations ultimate is already released on the nintendo switch and it doesn’t seem like a terrible game at all. It was released on the switch around 2018. Will they remake this game? I doubt it. You see , possibly throughout the years they might make a generations 2 (but will call it a different tittle cause they aren’t putting numbers on)

    Generations 2 could be released possibly on the next portable nintendo console a few years later.

    Possibly will include alot of fifth gen and 6th gen monsters and old monsters top.   Ah heck it could even be the 6th gen portable game. But that seems too soon. Possibly might be a 7th gen thing. Who knows if they will but it will sound fun.

    There is also no need to remake rise at all. Just like world almond iceborne it’s kinda futureproof for some time.

    Now let’s see where capcom goes with this.

    Possibly somewhere good but then again I do know that capcom is trying to please the west with…..well. ….woke stuff.

    That scares me . However hopefully they change their ways before they even want to remake the past games.


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