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    After a long day of work sprinkled with sweet smiles and friendly gestures, I sometimes like to return home, pour a glass and tell someone to fix their face.

    Generally, the remainder of these nights will be burned in Friday the 13th: The Game for PC. My husband promises he’ll murder me if I do not find a different game, but herein lies the issue: I cannot find another game with enough active shit talkers alike myself.

    1. I do not like to use Discord, because I lack a social group that will jump in game with me on a whim.

    2. I do not enjoy first person shooters (now and then though I’ll still open up Team Fortress 2).

    Are there any other PVP PC games which I do not need Discord to reign terror via a handy dandy microphone? Mayday. Please send help.

    P.S. I LOVED Chivalry, but the first game is dead. I’m waiting for the second one to be released for PC (or did I miss the release date?).


    I forgot until just recently that TF2 mods can silence someone from speaking and/or typing. Friday the 13th: The Game doesn’t have mods. It’s the wild west just like times of old.


    ^ Skit by me.


    What abour Mordhau? It’s like Chivalry except better.
    Last time I checked (some months ago), the game was lovably childish and filled with rage-fueled nonsense as it gets.

    No idea about voice chat, though, it’s the first thing I disable in any game. I don’t understand people who WANT to hear other people’s voices while playing a game (outside of strongly team focused games with a small amount of teammates).

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    That game looks amazing, and I’m checking it out now. When I play it (and I will), there will be more comments to follow. Thanks, friend!

    P.S. I like to hear other people’s voices, because I like to hear them break when I crush them. :)


    I keep meaning to check out Mordhau – Rags did a video on it for Exclusively Games and it looks great

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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