WNBA players walk off the court

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      In a stunning show of bravery, female WNBA players, wearing clothes made by slave labor, walked off the court to protest oppression in America.

      I want to say I caution people about this because no one watches the NBA so it cannot be verified as truth.

      Still, those women are stunning and brave to wear those clothes made by slave labor and then walk off to protest the oppression found here in America.



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      WNBA still exists?


      Who knew…

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        I totally forgot about them actually.    For real too.

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          How can anyone forget all those memorable…….lay ups…

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      Na na na na

      Na na na na

      Hey hey hey


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      There went all 12 of their viewers…

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      Can they just keep on walking. Maybe they can all meet up with the NWSL players and have a big cry fest about the whole wage gap fiasco.

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        It has already been proven that as a share of revenue, the NWSL gets paid more than their male counter parts.

        It has also been proven the NWSL (and their FIFA WC) only brings in a fraction of the views/fans, a fraction of the merchandise, a fraction of the sponsors, a fraction of the TV deals, etc. as their male counter parts.

        They rejected the same contract as their male counter parts, as if would mean they would be paid on an “equal” level.  And get less money as they are now.

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      I think the WNBA should go the way of the CWHL.

      They have little to no fans, have little to no sponsors, have little to no marketing, they have little to no merchandise, they have little to no media exposure.

      They had a [Quote]: ‘economically unsustainable’ business model [un-quote]

      Many former players help form the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association (PWHPA) demanding an economical business model must be created for them to return.


      Sadly, it took how long to develop the NBA and the NHL to the level of fans, merchandise, sponsors, tv deals, pay scale, media coverage, etc?

      And the demand they get the exact same without putting in the years of hard work?  They want to be subsidized and claim that is a sustainable model?


      Heck, I have seen many high school level, college/university games, rec league and beer leagues games that were more entertaining than anything produced by either the WNBA or CWHL or NWHL.

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