Woke, functional proof it is a religion

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      If you stand within the ranks of the illogical, it all looks like a river of disorder and chaos.  But if you fly upward and hover high above it, you can see the direction of the flow and the mouth of that river.

      Woke is a group comprised of several sub-groups.  Each group can have different goals but they ultimately all have a few goals in common.  That usually being rebuilding America in their vision (you have to destroy it first), erasing God (as they ultimately fear his existence) and feeding off the temporary preference the government is giving them so they can put into action their hatred for people who have things or traits they deeply desire but believe they cannot obtain.

      Now, the puppeteers in the world are not woke.  They just use woke to divide, control and create a voting block.  And that has now evolved so far that some groups like ANTIFA are the modern Brown Shirts.

      But for those that believe, typically the middle managers and the foot soldiers, they draw people to them in droves.  They appeal to them with Marxist theory based on gender/sex and a Godless world that allows them to do what they wish but still promising a sort of heaven, community and to belong to something bigger than themselves.  They are promised a nontheistic religion and in this case a cult.  The parallels with typical theistic religion cannot be missed and I consider it an inversion of Christianity.  That being you acknowledge no God, you worship people, no absolution is granted, mercy is non existent and like the Greek gods, the only favor you are awarded is based off your service to your selected deity.  In short, if in Christianity God is the engine, then love is the fuel.  The thing that motivates and puts people into motion.  In the religion of woke, it is hatred.

      Here is James Lindsay, breaking down to the nuts and bolts how this has happened and what some of the roots are.  He takes it from the angle of “Queer Theory”.

      Within the first 10 minutes he reads a quote from a queer theory book “Cruising Utopia” where “queerness” is literally described as what I interpret as a religious experience and the goal of it is to seek something that to me sounds like a heaven.

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