Woman claims white Band-Aids Are a sign of White Privilege

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    Is it me or is it that the SJW’s or Karens that think they are fighting racism getting dumber? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm_EQyPA3fc


    SJWs cant find anything to be happy about so they strike out at random.


    Oh my gawd, that idiot is a teacher?!? I feel sorry for the kids…

    PS: these are the band-aids i use 🤣🤣🤣



    think a trip to get some professional psychological help is needed for folk who behave that way


    In case you needed any further proof that America is in the grip of mass psychosis:


    “White Savior Complex” has gone completely off the rails.


    In case you needed any further proof that America is in the grip of mass psychosis:

    “White Savior Complex” has gone completely off the rails.

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Is that the best fan-theory w-savior can come up with for “why were there no black people at the end of Interstellar reeeeeeeeee!!???”

    I’ve come up with almost enough fan-theories to make the Star Wars sequels make sense 😁

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    I agree I pity any child that has to put up with her. And not just the ones in her class every other child that has teachers like this brainwashing them.


    You know who a true racists is, it is the person claiming “X” is racist.

    Growing up, my band-aids were never “white”.

    Band-aid was always a neutral color.

    Then, they started to makes those cartoon/anime/etc for kids.

    Adults then asked, if they can do that, why not make various color band-aids for those people who are vary self conscious to more closely make that various skin pigments.

    So, seeing a marketing/consumer demand, Band-Aid did just that.

    So if having a “white band-aid” = white privilege, does that make dark-brown band-aid’s = brown privilege? ! ?


    I am sick and tired of having to listen to these racists, triggered, snowflakes.


    Intersteller… the film that only had 2 actors in it for the entire film is now racist… cause it only has two actors in it?


    fuck this planet I want off.


    I think this is the reason why Elon Musk wants off this planet. There are no SJW’s or Karens on Mars. Can’t say given the current events on this planet that is a bad idea. Oh well anybody wants off this planet and has the money there is your ticket to get away.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Then what are clear bandages a sign of?</p>


    I laid a mic drop in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Iv_yXvTCmg


    You know that living conditions are pretty good in a society where people are bitching over the color or bandages. I’ll never forget this story and how much perspective it puts on the petty shit SJWs believe makes western civilizations so awful to live in:

    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — At the moment when she lost her home and family, Hanna Tsegaye was spending her Saturday night with a neighborhood friend.

    Around 8 p.m. on March 11, Ms. Hanna, 16, heard a strange sound, like rushing wind, and felt the ground shake beneath her feet. She rushed outside and saw that an enormous pile of garbage at a nearby landfill had collapsed.

    Her home, which had been a couple of hundred yards from the trash heap, was buried. So were her parents and two siblings.

    At least 113 people, according to the latest government estimate, were killed when part of the Repi landfill, in the southwest of Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, collapsed.


    Then what are clear bandages a sign of?

    Invisibility priviledge 🤣

    invisible woman

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