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      I love this song by Dax.  And I ran across several reactions to it by women on YouTube. After watching those it occurred to me women do not understand the song and consequently they do not understand men.

      All the reactors to the songs felt the emotion and understood the song was about the difficulties of being a man. However, they all thought the song was about the struggles of a man not being able to show emotion even though he wanted to.  And furthermore they all thought the “solution” was for men to be emotional like women.

      Women.  This is 100% percent wrong.  Men do are not frustrated because we cannot show emotion.  We are frustrated because you don’t seem to understand why we cannot.  We simply want that recognized and for you to appreciate our sacrifice.

      In this world there are many hard things that need to be done.  These things typically fall to men. If one were to become emotional about these tasks, they would be impossible to complete.

      Props to this lady she has it almost right.  She understands most of the struggle but she too thinks it’s about needing to show emotion. But I applaud her understanding here and her appreciation.  That is all men are asking for.

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      I have read too many times/saw too many vids where women want strong men.

      But once weakness is shown, they loss all respect for that man, whom they no longer see as being strong.

      Men solve their emotions internally.

      Women solve their emotions externally – by sharing every detail with their girlfriends.

      As that famous saying:

      Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

      We are BOTH different.  Do social engineer can change those facts.

      Man get married to the woman they love, in the desire they will NOT change.

      Woman get married to the man they love, with the desire to change them into the person they WANT them to be, and change themselves at the same time to something so different from the woman they were when they got married, it is like they are two separate beings.

      Oh, we have “grown apart” I hear all the time.  No, it is mostly the women who have mutated to something else.

      Most men by the time they come out of being a teenager, know exactly who they are, what they are, etc.

      Most females I know, if I did not know them before, I would not have recognized them.  Five, ten, fifteen years later, and they still don’t know who they are, what they are, etc.  They are always looking at the newest fad, newest trend, newest influencer.  Always trying to imitate someone else, instead of finding out who THEY are instead.

      Men understand men.  And things are ok.

      Men don’t understand women and women don’t understand women.  That is human nature.

      What is worse, I also hear women understand women, and they hate each other because of it.

      I think expectations between the sexes has become unrealistic, and that is part of what some of the issues are.


      Keep ’em barefoot and pregnant.


        “Oh, we have “grown apart” I hear all the time.  No, it is mostly the women who have mutated to something else.”

        80%+ of divorces are initiated by women.

        However, my point to the post was to emphasize essentially what you mentioned.  Women do not understand men because you see it live in those videos.  They literally do not get the meaning of the song nor do they seem to understand what it is a man wants/needs.

        We don’t want a shoulder to cry on, we want them to understand why we cannot do that and to appreciate that we don’t.

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          I ended up watching many reaction videos to this song.  Most of the ones I watched were couples watching it together.  After several I noticed that they mostly fell into 2 categories which I found very interesting and telling.

          The first category were where women watched the song and during it at some point they look at their husband/boyfriend quickly to see if he is affected as if thinking “is this how you feel?”.  A few times they literally just asked their man that.  And upon seeing the man moved or him answering yes to the question the women broke down in tears.  I assume this is because they all of a sudden understood.

          The second category were where women watched it and never looked at their guy.  They openly mocked the assertions of the song or staunchly defended themselves against it in one form or another. I assume that is because they too understood but they felt guilty and instead of sympathizing they only thought of themselves and assumed it was an attack on women.  In these cases the man was initially visibly moved by the song until he saw his woman acting contrary to it’s message and they changed their tune.  I find this ironic because this behavior essentially proves the points of the song.

          Comments on these videos were sad as all hell. Legions of men saying this is how they feel. On the videos where the women got defensive many folks posted things similar to “well good luck with that”.  Which I found telling and amusing.

          One of the best comments I saw was something I am not sure I will forget.  I will paraphrase it here.

          “men give flowers to the women they love throughout their lives but the first time a man gets flowers is when they lay them on his casket”…

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